NX 870

Fenix onyx black fine matt AFP / Larch smoked, brushed

In this exceptional kitchen formation, the centrally placed next125 cooking table captivates through the combination of the velvety-black coloured surface material NX 870 Fenix with Anti-Fingerprint-coating and the striking front NX 650 Larch smoked, brushed.

The elegant graining of the larch veneer, its aesthetic appeal which, although understated, still makes a clear statement, turns this next125 kitchen into a piece that is nothing short of exceptional. Especially, the contrast of onyx black and smoked, brushed larch lends particular impact to the deliberately contrasting technical block. The base units, with their extra low plinth of only 5 cm, and the drawers with integrated lighting homogeneously complement the overall impression.



The combination of food preparation and cooking with the convivial gathering of friends and family inspired the next125 designers to develop and design a cooking table that redefines the kitchen culture. The resulting cooking island is functional purism in striking perfection, whose special charisma lies in its uncompromising clarity. Reduced to the essentials, it fits perfectly into any room – always retaining its individuality. The outwardly tapered worktop creates an extra narrow edge. Clean lines are always of crucial importance to next125 designers: the hob disappears flush into the surface. The narrow, slightly splayed table legs contrast discreetly with the table worktop. Every design detail refines the elegant appearance of the cooking table.



More about the cooking table

next125 cube and panel garden – Our cube system, specially developed for next125, is a real niche product. It makes work in the kitchen so much easier and quicker. Everything is instantly on hand. Particular highlight: The panel garden with integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer. This way, you always have fresh herbs to hand and don't need to go to the market as often. Discover all of the options that are available with next125 cube

Campaign motif

The next125 campaign is one of a kind: rare breeds of farm animals regularly explore the ultra-modern kitchens – embedded at all times in an ambience steeped in character. The campaign motif stands out with a most unusual slant on planning that places the cooking table at the centre of activity.



Campaign details 



Fenix solid core is pressed from several layers of solid in order to obtain a 4 mm thick worktop. The contemporary, warm and velvety design invites the user to touch it and to feel comfortable. Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating AFP, annoying fingerprints are considerably reduced.

NX 860 / NX 870

Solid core

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