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graue Küche

Glass in next125 kitchens

A highlight in every kitchen

In the world of interior design, the focus is increasingly shifting towards reflections and sightlines. So it’s no wonder that this transparent material is so popular. After all, glass in the kitchen does more than add a touch of modernity; it also reflects a lifestyle.


next125 kitchen with glass front nx902

Glass is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Nothing demonstrates this more than a striking kitchen made entirely out of glass. In subtle matt colours and surrounded by a frame, these fronts debunk a preconception about glass – it does not always have to be transparent. This is precisely what makes it so appealing. The matt glass in these fronts absorbs light and reflects it like no other material.

next125 kitchen with glass front

nx902 – glass that shows its true colours.


Sideboard & display unit

If you want to see the spectacular use of glass in the next125 range, you can’t miss two of our icons. The tinted glass fronts in Ultragrey in our next125 glass display unit and the doors on our sideboard have a special transparency. If you look closely, you can see through it, but the reflection caused by the shading effect creates a hypnotising sense of distance that piques the viewer’s curiosity, drawing them to the contents inside.


next125 Sideboard with tinted gray glass doors and English pull-outs

A real winner – the next125 sideboard boasts the Red Dot Design Award 2023.

Next125 Sideboards

Whether used for storage or decoration, an elegant sideboard is an all-rounder. It is equally at home as an eye-catcher in the kitchen, dining room or living room, and offers numerous customisation options.


Paired with lighting behind the glass, these objects are not merely on display but are accentuated by the glass.


Glass doors in ultragrey of the next125 sideboard
Freestanding next125 display cabinet with tinted gray glass doors

Whether in the kitchen or living room  the next125 glass display unit is a real eye-catcher. Of course you can keep plates, cups and bowls or special favorite pieces in it.

next125 glass display unit

The glass display unit has a deliberate filigree design with a delicate frame, and dark-tinted front panels combined with an extravagant leather-look handle. 


Kitchen interior

The interior drawers with glass fronts might look subdued, but their effect is not to be underestimated. These matt but translucent elements take interior spaces to a whole new level. They allow a discreet glimpse of their contents, quickly transforming otherwise indiscernible interior spaces into master organisers with a sophisticated touch.

next125 kitchen with glass front in Agate grey
next125 kitchen with glass front in Agate grey, drawers with glass front

Internal pull-outs and drawers with glass front  order that looks extraordinary.


next125 kitchen base unit with pull-outs with glass
next125 kitchen base unit with pull-outs with glass

Modern kitchen organisation

Matt glass with its translucent look contributes to the look – the cutting edge design continues beyond what you see at first glance, creating kitchens with an authentic elegance.


Style and technology

Often overlooked and yet important are the glass elements that we see right away.

Hobs, extractor hoods and ovens catch our eye immediately and so should fit in well with the rest of the kitchen. Colour matching enables you to skilfully add colour accents, and forward-thinking kitchen technology will allow you to appreciate the minimalistic look for a long time to come.

Close-up of hob integrated in next125 kitchen in azure blue

The wine cooler can also break through the glass fronts in an eye-catching and targeted manner. The pocket system with bar divider shines with the mirrored rear wall and the illuminated shelf in a particularly stylish look.

Niche & wall

Glass is also perfectly at home elsewhere in the kitchen. Our frame and panel system stylishly demonstrates in many different ways what glass can do.


next125 kitchen with Frame recess open shelf unit

next125 frame recess open shelf unit – with practical organisational elements available for customised combination and dimmer function for a special atmosphere.

As an independent design element, wine glass holders reveal a leisurely pastime. Oil and vinegar bottles find their place in specially designed holders or can quite casually stand alone. A meticulously placed vase or fruit bowl can change the whole mood in the room.

next125 kitchen with panel system

Functional but decorative  wine glass holders are testimony to those who like a tasty tipple.

Quite simply, glass is and always will be a classic. Whether it covers small or large areas, its visual appeal makes it highly versatile.

Our glass fronts

The real glass fronts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely hygienic and easy to clean. You can find an overview of our glass fronts in high gloss or matt here:


next125 Kitchen nx902 with glass front in matt platinum
next125 kitchen nx912 with glass front in matt agate gray

nx902 with glass fronts in matt platinum metallic and nx912 with glass fronts in matt agate grey

NX902 – The free-standing base as eyecatcher

The colour play of the fronts in matt glass creates a ludic contrast between the coarse, dark surface of the knotty oak.


nx912 – Room to breathe

With its matt glass surfaces in agate grey and the L shape that leaves room for a generous dining area, the kitchen exudes a comfortable feel. 


modern design kitchen

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