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Materials & colours

While functional, everyday planning is the heart of a kitchen, the individual choice of materials for the front and countertop is its soul: the individual interplay of colours, materials and textures creates the right setting to feel at home in the kitchen every day.


verschiede Fronten

Authentic materials are pleasing to the touch and bear witness to great attention to detail and deep-rooted craftsmanship. This creates an environment that exudes individuality while bringing a homely feel into our own four walls. The boundaries between the kitchen and the adjoining areas become blurred. The natural appeal of warm wood veneers, the interplay of textures of fine ceramic or the cool elegance of glass that seems to magically attract the light: each surface has its own charm, conveys its own feel and gives its own answer to technical and quality requirements, such as robustness and durability. The selection of a specific material is always a personal choice as it has a major influence on a kitchen’s character and functionality. The fact that next 125 appreciates genuineness and authenticity is everywhere to be seen and is deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA – after all “authentic kitchen” is part of our name.



SensiQ kitchen fronts

More than just “the first impression” of a kitchen: With the authentic finishes of next125 you can create your own personal living space and make your personality shine. The selected materials include lacquers in different finishes, fine glass or striking wooden veneers, which individually or in combination develop their special effect and at the same time score points with many practical functions.


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Colour Concept

next125 Colour Concept

Essential, elegant, exceptional

Colours give an impression of lightness and vibrancy, and highlight the occupants’ personality. For next125, the carefully chosen range of top-quality lacquers is thus a key component of our design. Our harmonious colour scheme is grouped into three colour categories that are used in kitchens as well as living areas.

next125 Colour Condept Essential colours

Essential colours – comprise a medley of classic hues from crystal white and various grey/brown shades to onyx black. All essential colours are available for fronts and for shell handles, grip ledge profiles, worktops – nx240, nx510nx902 / 912, Systemo 16 mm APL laminate, SensiQ fine matt with AFP

next125 colour concept Elegant colours

Elegant colours – olive yellow, Indian red, aubergine, deep blue and jaguar green– are just right for anyone who appreciates a special yet subdued touch. They add a touch of class while being pleasantly low-key and wonderfully flexible.

next125 colour concept Exceptional colours

Exceptional colours – With cobalt green, azure blue, ultramarine, Tuscany yellow, cognac and, next125 also offers four colours which celebrate the charm of being unique, contemporary and individual.


If worktops and fronts are the face of the kitchen, the materials are its facial expressions. Whether glass matt, high-density ceramic, striking wood veneers, fine matt laminate, or with a stained frame or grooved look, materials lend the kitchen its charisma and personality and set the mood of the entire room – no words necessary.


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Modern kitchen design thrives on clear lines and consistent planning. which meet the high demands of function and longevity in a next125 kitchen as well as the desire for free design options. The worktops of next125 set minimalist accents and thus create contemporary designs that decisively shape the atmosphere of a room.

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modern design kitchen

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Clear kitchen design: Inspiration and information on 148 pages.

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