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Arbeitsplatte, Frame, Hochschränke mit Geräte, und Esstisch

125 mm grid system

Raster & carcase system

Then next125 design concept is based on an architectural feature: the metric grid size. Second to none, it ensures peace and structure. The kitchen grid height of 125 mm therefore lends its name to the brand name. Based on this grid size, next125 has developed two carcase heights – based on the ergonomics of today's kitchen users.


Our next125 kitchen designs are based on a 125-mm metric grid system. A single grid corresponds to the height of a drawer (125 mm). This results in carcase heights of 75 cm, 81.25 cm and 87.5 cm, which can be selected according to ergonomic and storage requirements. The variety of designs thanks to the grid systems  enables the kitchen to be ergonomically adapted according to requirements without limiting design options.

Carcase heights

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Carcase height 75 cm

next125 developed the carcase height of 75 cm based on the ergonomics of modern kitchen users. Based on a grid height of 125 mm, the carcase height is created from six grid units. This means 6 x 125 mm = 75.0 cm, thus providing more opportunities for individual kitchen planning.

Carcase height 81.25 cm

Planning a kitchen calls for made-to-measure designs that are tailored to the ergonomics of its users and the architecture of the room. The 6.5 cm dimension with a resulting body height of 81.25 cm also contributes to a uniform grid for the front and the homogeneous appearance is maintained.

[Translate to English:] next125 Küche Korpushöhe

Carcase height 87.5 cm

In combination with a low plinth, the carcase height 87.5 cm not only ensures more design in the kitchen, but also provides more storage space. At just 5 cm high, the plinth remains unobtrusive, rather like a shadow gap, giving the effect that the kitchen appears to float.

The big advantage of the grid system is that it enables flexible kitchen design with customised working heights and the perfect amount of storage space. In conjunction with multiple plinth heights (5 cm I 7.5 cm I 10 cm I 12.5 cm I 15 cm I 17.5 cm) and a variety of worktop thicknesses (1.3 cm I 3.9 cm), the grid also enables the kitchen to be optimally tailored to ergonomic requirements.


Arbeitsplatte, Schränke mit Geräte

Thanks to the cubic design, the clean lines and the carcase system, you can enjoy outstanding flexibility when planning a next125 kitchen. The design radiates calmness and structure and helps transform the kitchen from a functional room to the heart of the home.


Moka brown kitchen

125 mm grid – by combining authentic, high-quality materials and clean lines every time, the 125 mm grid makes it possible to create timelessly beautiful kitchens.


Whichever carcase height is selected for the kitchen, next125 keeps all possibilities open: Opt for a purist finish with TIP-ON, accentuate the horizontal lines with a full-length grip ledge or choose from the many other handles available. The best design is simply a matter of personal taste.

More information about handles



Award-winning carcase height – next125 received the German Design Award 2018 for the carcase height of 87.5 cm. The cubic design also offers more storage space.


A sophisticated and extraordinary plinth design coupled with optimum air circulation – two initially distinct-seeming features that can actually be combined in the kitchen by a minor detail: the slatted plinth. This is available in stainless steel coloured or onyx black versions.


Ergonomic solutions and impressively organised interiors enable smooth workflows in the kitchen. The modern design concept adopts ideas from the Bauhaus movement: with its rectilinearity, next125 ensures clean lines. Cubic shapes are evident in the kitchen as a whole as well as in the finer of details, such as the partitions in the cutlery drawer or the practical Flex-Boxes, which help make optimum use of the storage space.


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Unit elements

next125 kitchens can be assembled from three different unit elements: base units, wall units and tall units. In the case of the tall units, you can choose between five heights; the wall units come in six units heights. Various widths and depths can be realized for all element types.

modern design kitchen

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