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Whether glass, glossy or matt, high-density ceramic, striking wood veneers exquisite lacquer or fine matt laminate: next125 fronts for the consciously planned designer kitchen.



Lighter than aluminium and harder than natural stone. Ideal for use in kitchens, foods can be hygienically processed directly on the surface. This attractive material can be variously coloured and finished with textures that are interesting to touch. Ceramic is a natural material, made by man. Like porcelain, ceramic material only contains substances which also occur naturally in this form. This makes the material eco-friendly and allow it ot be recycled completely.


To the ceramic fronts


Delicate, more delicate, SensiQ. The special laminate has a special surface that combines a velvety, warm feel with practical anti-fingerprint properties. Unappealing fingerprints as well as the cleaning effort are reduced to a minimum. For production, solid core SensiQ is pressed from many layers of laminate into a 4 mm thick panel.


To the SensiQ fronts


The original charm of a kitchen, the feeling of coming home, the sense of refuge and the scent of tasty meals – the best place to experience all this is in a kitchen with fronts of genuine wood which has been naturally and sustainably converted to veneer.


To the wood fronts


At next125, the carefully curated range of high-quality paints is the pivot of the design. It impresses with a harmonious colour world, summarized in three colour categories – essential colours, elegant colours and exceptional colours. 18 satin and velvet lacquer shades celebrate the art of combination. Be it within the respective colour category – essential, elegant, extraordinary – or among themselves: the possibilities for colour design and combination are as individual as the people themselves and make the kitchen a favourite place. For the essential colours, the same-coloured grip profiles, grip trays and worktops from Systemo inspire contemporary, homogeneous designs that ensure peace in the room.


More about lacquer fronts


People have always been fascinated by glass. Transparent and at the same time hard and robust ... Glass brought light into the home and glass also speeds up the exchange of data between computers. One advantage in the kitchen: glass is exceedingly hygienic and easy to clean. What‘s more, glass has a unique surface with a precious matter shimmer instead of strongly contrasting light reflexes. It all appears a little quieter and more subdued.


To the glass fronts

Show fronts of in and .


Lighter than aluminium, harder than natural stone

Ceramic is ideal for kitchens: foods can be hygienically processed directly on the surface. Furthermore, the material is resistant to cutting and heat. Used for worktops for many years, the next logical step is ceramic kitchen fronts. As with porcelain, this natural, man-made material only contains substances which also occur naturally in this form. This means that the material is environmentally sound and can be fully recycled.

nx950 / nx960


nx950 C2785

Ceramic bianco beige

nx950 C2055

Ceramic graphite

nx950 C2075

Ceramic concrete grey effect

nx950 C2765

Ceramic marble grigio effect

nx950 C2775

Ceramic marble nero effect

nx950 C2275

Ceramic arctic black

Real glass

High gloss or satinated

High gloss or satinated fronts of 3 mm thick toughened white glass. Rear side fully lacquered and with a 16 mm thick wood-based material panel affixed. The glass edge is protected with an all-round decorative edge covering. The light reflects and refracts in the high-quality surface, with impressive effects.

nx901 / nx911

Real glass
high gloss

nx901 G096

Glass gloss seashell white

nx901 G201

Glass gloss Sahara beige

nx901 G261

Glass gloss terra grey

nx901 G491

Glass gloss mocha brown

nx901 G581

Glass gloss basalt metallic

nx901 G576

Glass gloss bronze metallic

nx901 G571

Glass gloss platinum metallic

nx901 G191

Glass gloss lava black

nx901 G236

Glass gloss stone grey

nx901 G121

Glass gloss crystal grey

nx901 G091

Glass gloss crystal white

nx901 G276

Glass gloss agate grey

nx901 G186

Glass gloss onyx black

nx902 / nx912

Real glass matt

nx902 G097

Glass matt seashell white

nx902 G202

Glas matt Sahara beige

nx902 G262

Glass matt terra grey

nx902 G492

Glass matt mocha brown

nx902 G582

Glass matt basalt metallic

nx902 G577

Glass matt bronze metallic

nx902 G572

Glass matt platinum metallic

nx902 G192

Glass matt lava black

nx902 G237

Glass matt stone grey

nx902 G122

Glass matt crystal grey

nx902 G092

Glass matt crystal white

nx902 G277

Glass matt agate grey

nx902 G187

Glass matt onyx black

Solid core

Esthetical and easy to clean

SensiQ solid core is pressed from several layers of solid in order to obtain a 4 mm thick. The contemporary, warm and velvety design invites the user to touch it and to feel comfortable. Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating AFP, annoying fingerprints are considerably reduced.

nx860 / nx870

Solid core SensiQ

nx860 V092F

SensiQ crystal white fine matt AFP Renaming of V162F

nx860 V202F

SensiQ Sahara beige fine matt AFP

nx860 V237F

SensiQ stone grey fine matt AFP

nx930 / nx940

Solid core SensiQ inox

nx930 V257F

SensiQ inox fine matt AFP


Natural and sustainable

Wood fronts are natural and sustainable surfaces made from solid wood and precious veneers. They are coated with a particularly high-resistance two-component lacquer for protection.



nx620 F741

Tobacco knotty oak, brushed

nx620 F734

Natural knotty oak, brushed

nx620 F728

Light knotty oak bianco, brushed

nx620 F685

Natural walnut

nx620 F737

Silk grey knotty oak, brushed

nx620 F744

Pearl grey knotty oak, brushed

nx620 F746

Graphite grey knotty oak, brushed



nx640 F628

Elegant light oak bianco

nx640 F634

Elegant natural oak

nx640 F637

Elegant oak silk grey

nx640 F644

Elegant oak pearl grey

nx640 F646

Elegant oak graphite grey

nx640 F641

Elegant oak tobacco



nx650 F805

Old oak

nx650 F600

Larch smoked, brushed



nx660 F628

Elegant light oak bianco

nx660 F634

Elegant natural oak

nx660 F637

Elegant oak silk grey

nx660 F641

Elegant oak tobacco

nx660 F644

Elegant oak pearl grey

nx660 F646

Elegant oak graphite grey



nx670 F628

E legant light oak bianco

nx670 F685

Natural walnut

High gloss lacquer

High quality and brilliant

High-quality lacquered fronts produced in several work processes, making them extremely durable. They are distinguished by brilliant colours and a soft, rich feel.


High gloss lacquer

nx501 L121

Crystal grey high gloss

nx501 L111G

Brilliant white high gloss

nx501 L091

Crystal white high gloss

Matt velvet lacquer

Durable and silky soft

The fronts, produced with a great deal of care in several work processes and coated with transparent matt lacquer are particularly durable thanks to the several coats of lacquer. They also feel silky soft.


Matt velvet lacquer

nx510 L097M

Seashell white matt velvet AFP

nx510 L262M

Terra grey matt velvet AFP

nx510 L347M

Tuscany yellow matt velvet AFP

nx510 L407M

Cognac matt velvet AFP

nx510 L417M

Azure blue matt velvet AFP

nx510 L397M

Olive yellow matt velvet AFP

nx510 L552M

Deep blue matt velvet AFP

nx510 L337M

Jaguar green matt velvet AFP

nx510 L277M

Agate grey matt velvet

nx510 L237M

Stone grey matt

nx510 L122M

Crystal grey matt velvet

nx510 L092M

Crystal white matt velvet

nx510 L492M

Mocha brown matt velvet AFP

nx510 L187M

Onyx black matt velvet AFP

nx510 L192M

Lava black matt velvet AFP

nx510 L202M

Sahara beige matt velvet AFP

nx510 L142M

Cobalt green matt velvet AFP

nx510 L292M

Indian red matt velvet AFP

Satin lacquer

Resistant and low-maintenance

This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV curing not only meets high ecological demands, but is also highly durable and resilient. The velvety matt, lightly textured finish makes the front very easy to care for. Satin lacquer is available in many colours.


Satin lacquer

nx505 L095

Seashell white satin

nx505 L260

Terra grey satin

nx505 L200

Sahara beige satin

nx505 L490

Mocha brown satin

nx505 L185

Onyx black satin

nx505 L345

Tuscany yellow satin

nx505 L415

Azure blue satin

nx505 L140

Cobalt green satin

nx505 L395

Olive yellow satin

nx505 L290

Indian red satin

nx505 L550

Deep blue satin

nx505 L405

Cognac satin

nx505 L335

Jaguar green satin

nx505 L190

Lava black satin

nx505 L235

Stone grey satin

nx505 L275

Agate grey satin

nx505 L120

Crystal grey satin

nx505 L090

Crystal white satin


Robust and resistant

These resistant fronts have a laminate layer made of phenol resin, decorative paper and a transparent cover coating. This surface is significantly thicker and harder than with laminate fronts, making it more robust.


Laminate SensiQ

nx240 K092F

SensiQ crystal white fine matt AFP Renaming of K162F

nx240 K097F

SensiQ seashell white fine matt AFP

nx240 K122F

SensiQ crystal grey fine matt AFP

nx240 K192F

SensiQ lava black fine matt AFP

nx240 K202F

SensiQ Sahara beige fine matt AFP

nx240 K262F

SensiQ terra grey fine matt AFP

nx240 K277F

SensiQ agate grey fine matt AFP

nx240 K187F

SensiQ onyx black fine matt AFP

nx240 K492F

SensiQ mocha brown fine matt AFP

nx240 K237F

SensiQ stone grey fine matt AFP

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