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From design highlights and colours to innovative solutions for kitchen design through to modern fittings: the new products blend seamlessly into the next125 design philosophy of developing exceptionally elegant kitchens with precise workmanship and quality materials. You can look forward to many small and large innovations in the next125 range!


New Design highlights

Confident in style 
next125 a
djoining tables in two designs

The two new adjoining tables offer a haptic experience thanks to the Systemo worktop. Choose from a matt velvet-lacquered foot or an onyx black powder-coated metal foot, and with a diameter of 100 or 120 cm. These all-rounders blend in perfectly to any kitchen.

Base/wall glass display units

next125 wall glass display units

The wall glass display unit is an attractive counterpart to the next125 glass display unit and is made using the same materials.


The optional mood lighting integrated in the side of the carcase softly illuminates favourite objects inside the unit. The work light built into the base of the carcase enables you to work without being dazzled.

next125 base glass display units

Whether in the kitchen or as a standalone in the focal point of the interior design the next125 glass display unit is a real eye-catcher. 


Purist kitchen design – Longer fronts

New options for longer fronts in all systems and a broader product range open up exciting planning options in the case of hinged doors. This change enables floor-level fronts to cover plinths or worktop-high fronts to be fitted. In special cases, fronts can also be designed to go up to the ceiling rather than fitting a soffit.

Colour Concept and Fronts

Enhanced Colour Concept

Colours and lacquers have always played a major role at next125. The 20 matt velvet lacquer shades of next125’s new colour scheme celebrate the art of mixing and matching. Whether within a particular colour category – essential, elegant, exceptional – or between categories: the colourful design and combination options are as individual as people themselves and make kitchens the favourite place to be. With the essential colours, same-coloured grip ledge profiles, shell handles and Systemo worktops inspire contemporary, homogeneous designs that create a calm ambiance in the room.



next125 nx680 Oak onyx black solid-colored

NX680 – Oak onyx black solid-colored

next125 nx890 Linoleum olive green

NX890 – Linoleum olive green

NX904/914 – Mirror glass bronze


The mirror glass is the perfect material here - the surface visually dissolves the dimensions of the kitchen to a certain extent. The precise kitchen cube made of bronze-coloured mirror glass and natural stone in the centre allows it to merge with its surroundings. The cubic clarity of the kitchen, a central feature of the next125 brand, creates a maximum contrast to Kéré's natural pavilion.

Francis Kéré x next125

„The Fireplace“ – a wooden pavilion with a kitchen by next125 at its centre. A temporary structure that celebrates the kitchen and cooking in equal measure. Experience the story of an inspiring, creative collaboration!



Carcase height 81,25 cm – The 81.25 cm carcase height is now also available for all next125 ranges. This additional design option enables the kitchen to be ergonomically adapted according to requirements without limiting design options.

Front-flush soffit – Kitchen designs with floor-to-ceiling units all round are not only modern but also have many benefits. On the one hand, the tidy front brings calm to the room and, on the other hand, dust and residues from cooking vapours do not build up on wall and tall units.

Tall units & top units for fridges/freezers – Following the trend towards larger refrigerators, both tall units and top units are now available in 75-cm-wide models. This enables the planning of larger fridge-freezers from 69 to 71 cm and provides an interesting alternative to side-by-side appliances.

Wall unit offset shelving and base unit shelving for the rear of the island – The extension of our product range has resulted in shelving that makes planning easier. Shelves with optional lighting can now be fitted in the back of the island or in wall units, providing both storage space and a display area for ornaments with optional lighting.

Fronts for built-in wine coolers – Wine cooler units are a fixed design feature of many premium kitchens. New: the fronts, which are adapted to each appliance accordingly (in selected ranges), are now made with a one-piece front design.

Base units with two waste bins – The 2024 next125 collection brings new planning options for base units with waste bins. These units provide more space for waste separation.

Modern equipment

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand – next125 worktop storage rack

Low worktop storage rack

This practical storage rack for the worktop and island offers both versatility and efficiency. The rack can be fitted with various functional inserts in oak, and there is also the option of integrating the Twist socket element in onyx black.


The high model offers two levels of storage, while the low model has one level but can therefore be installed in the recess area. Both the low and high versions are suitable for retrofitting on the worktop.

High worktop storage rack

Additional features for next125 cube

The panel system has been given some new features: a handy dispenser for two rolls of cling film or foil, an innovative holder for a plant pot with an irrigation system, an info board with a shelf and a laminated writing surface, a storage space for dishwashing utensils and a wine rack for three wine bottles stored horizontally. The new additions in stainless steel and onyx black finishes perfectly match the design language of our panel system.


feature next125 cube
next125 chopping boards

Kitchen accessories

The 2024 next125 collection offers a range of new accessories to help with everyday tasks in the kitchen and also provides new decorative options. The accessories include two sets of three chopping boards made of high-quality ash or maple, accompanied by an elegant black metal tray containing a removable wooden board made of ash.


modern design kitchen

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