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Walnuss front kitchen

12.5 questions for Leonie from altbau22

next125 oozes colour

How do you find a material that suits you? How can decor and storage space be combined? Interior stylist and content creator Leonie Pauls, of the Instagram channel @altbau22, reveals her thoughts on kitchens, design and decoration in our interview.

content creator Leonie Pauls in the next125 kitchen

Under the handle @altbau22, interior design enthusiast and content creator Leonie Pauls impresses interior design fans on Instagram with her design content. As a lover of vintage furniture, she knows how trinkets with a history or classic pieces in intense colours and soft materials can be wonderfully showcased. In her home, cosy maximalism is the order of the day.

With furniture from COR, selected porcelain from MEISSEN and a range of decorative features, she has now skilfully brought a next125 kitchen to life and created a springlike atmosphere. She reveals her thoughts on kitchens, design and decoration in our interview.

[Translate to English:] next125 Küche nx670 nussbaum

#1 What is a kitchen to you?

“For me, a kitchen stands for creativity and companionship.

In the kitchen, I experiment, cook new recipes and come up with my own creations. I take care of my own needs and cook for family and friends.


For me, the kitchen is more than just a practical space – it’s a place of connection.”

#2 What three words best describe your interior design style?

“Eclectic, harmonious, vintage.”

#3 Linen plays an important role in your decor. Why is that?

“Linen is a natural fabric with an appearance that gives the room texture. The natural fibres are not ‘perfect’ and go ideally with smooth stainless steel surfaces and wood. Linen gives the room a cosy feel; it is a linking element in my decoration cosmos and brings different effects together.”


Linen cloths adorn the Frame recess shelving, giving it a natural look and charm whilst having a practical use.


#4 Which materials go well with a stainless steel finish?

“Wooden details, for instance, create a warm contrast to the cool surface of the stainless steel.


Granite, marble and other natural stone elements can also be combined with a stainless steel finish – in this case, you need to make sure you choose a colour like grey, (off) white or black to complement the cool tone of the stainless steel.”

#5 What is your biggest challenge when decorating a kitchen?

“Determining exactly how much decor I can use. From my point of view, it shouldn’t be too cluttered but, on the other hand, not cold and unlived-in either.”

Leonie Pauls decorates next125 niche shelf Frame with a picture

“When I’m designing, I try out a lot of things – add objects, see how everything works together and take decorative features away again to create a harmonious overall effect.”

next125 Frame illuminated and decorated

#6 How do you find a material that suits you?

“At the latest when deciding on materials, you should switch from visualising to a more hands-on approach.


In the case of fabrics and surfaces, texture plays a big role and is perceived differently from one person to the next. Here, it is best to try out different things in the room, feel the materials under your fingertips and get good advice.


Each material has different strengths and so the right mix can have a great effect in a room like the kitchen.”

Nussbaum Rillenfront

The nx670 front in walnut with vertical grooves dominates the kitchen – nx940 SensiQ Inox creates a cool contrast to the warm wood front.

Materials & colours

The natural appeal of warm wood veneers, the interplay of textures of fine ceramic or the cool elegance of glass that seems to magically attract the light: each surface has its own charm. Discover next125 materials and colors and design your personal living space.


[Translate to English:] next125 Sideboard

#7 How can decor and storage space be combined?

“A kitchen can be planned with different components: a glass display unit, a sideboard, shelves and cupboards.


I prefer a combination of open and closed spaces. The closed spaces are used purely for storage, and the open ones, like shelves and glass display units, are not overcrowded and have an elegant finish.


The top of a sideboard can be used for decoration and the inside as practical storage space.”


next125 sideboard with glass fronts in ultra grey and English pull-outs in elegant walnut bring opulence into the room and create a harmonious transition from the kitchen to the living area.

Interior Design

Today the kitchen increasingly dominates the living space. What could be more appropriate than picking up on this trend and transforming functional spaces into living spaces.


#8 How do you decorate a kitchen so that it is attractive but also practical for everyday use?

“You don’t need much decor to achieve a harmonious finish. Wall decor, for instance, does not restrict day-to-day use.


Open shelving too can be set up with a mixture of ornaments and kitchen accessories and accentuated so that it both looks nice and is practical.


What’s important here is not to cram the worktop with decorative features, but just to use the space that is actually free.”


Functional recess shelving with an attractive design - the next125 Frame for flexible storage, optimal ergonomics and beautiful lighting.

next125 Kitchen island with walnut front
Bouquet of flowers in front of next125 Frame

#9 How do you bring your personality into the kitchen through decor?

“As individual requirements need to be taken into account when planning and setting up a kitchen, your own kitchen already has character.


This is further highlighted by decor and colour accents.”

#10 What’s an absolute no-go in terms of decor?

“My no-go is not a physical object, but an attitude.


I think it’s important not to make purchases with a quantity in mind, but to opt for quality. High-quality and therefore scaled-back decor is in my eyes always a bonus.”

#11 What are your biggest decorating secrets?

“My secret tip is to use the right lighting. In room and kitchen planning, lighting conditions are very important to me. You can create practical eye-catchers with a few little tricks like grip ledge lighting or table lamps in accent colours.”

next125 Kitchen island with recessed handle lighting


Effect lighting or work light, wonderfully bright or dimmable if desired for atmosphere: In living spaces and in the kitchen, light plays a different role for every person.


#12 What’s a decorative highlight for you that can’t be left out?

“In the kitchen, for me, it’s nice salt and pepper pots. There are great 70s and 80s models with totally unique looks, which are not only practical in the kitchen but can also be used as decor.”


#12,5 A kitchen should absolutely...

“...meet individual needs.”

next125 Kitchen illuminated with frame and plinth lighting

Interview with Creative Makers

next125 connects people and tells stories. People who shape, inspire and live next125 with their attitude and their topics. Interviews with our creative makers such as Head of Design at next125, Thomas Pfister, Content Creator, Mike Klar, or architect and design expert, Caesar Zumthor, can be found in our magazine.



Same kitchen, new look

next125 kitchen decorated for Christmas

A kitchen in an elegant, minimalist design can easily be transformed: more colourful in spring or glimmering with fine porcelain and tinsel at Christmas. At next125 we celebrated the festive period with our premium kitchen decorated by content creator Mike Klar.


modern design kitchen

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