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Design & Quality

Flexible and individual. Authentic materials, quality and perfection Made in Germany.

Design principles

Our aim is to develop exceptionally elegant kitchens. At the heart of our thinking are those who appreciate thoughtful design, precision workmanship and quality materials. It is for those that we create kitchens. Kitchens full of function and emotion. Proceeding from the values of Bauhaus, we combine craftsmanship, technology and architecture at the highest level. State-of-the-art series production enables us to produce excellent quality economically. Just one next125 kitchen unifies seven design principles: it is precise, elegant, creative, minimalist, functional, emotional and technological. We have been creating kitchens that are characterized by the special style of next125 in this way for almost two decades.


Design awards


next125 Sideboard

The next125 sideboard with glass fronts in ultra grey combines optimal functionality with an elegant design. The English pull-outs and sunken storage tray are a real eye-catcher in any living space. The sideboard can fascinate both in the kitchen and in open-plan layouts with its dark appearance.


next125 bar section for the pocket system

The pocket system with a bar section is the ultimate home bar: during the daytime, unobtrusive doors conceal the contents, whilst at night the mirrored back panel and the shelving with its LED lighting give depth and grandeur to the room. A wine cooler keeps drinks at the perfect temperature and the drawers store everything you need to make your favourite cocktail – all of course in the usual stylish look inspired by Bauhaus.

next125 bar section for the pocket system


next125 has already received numerous awards for its unique kitchen designs and is now also convincing in the brand’s positioning and leadership. next125 has received the Design Council’s “German Brand Award 2023 Gold” in the “Excellent Brands – Kitchen & Household Appliances” category.



next125 pocketsystem

A cupboard that is a whiz at hide and seek. Closed it looks like household furniture, open it reveals its true range of functionality. All it takes is a light tap and the retractable doors spring open. Behind them lie the oven, steamer and much more – all beautifully hidden away.

next125 island frame

How can you make a kitchen island float? Simple: by giving it beautifully slender legs to stand on. The basic concept is to make the focal point of the kitchen weightless so it appears more minimalistic and cubic. This transforms the island into a standalone communicative piece with a floating appearance that accentuates the kitchen design. To achieve the sleek look, the island’s frame uses a visually discreet design in onyx black. The legs taper outwards to emphasise the streamlined character.

cooking island with frame
Glass display

next125 Glass display unit

An eye-catching piece for any room: the beautiful display unit with satinated glass shelves and two practical drawers. The integrated lighting creates a very special atmosphere in the evenings.

next125 Trolley

The matt black metal trolley with compartments for bottles, glasses, herbs, spices and much more is suitable for use everywhere. Its practical shelf area for presenting and preparing things offers great storage space. Equipped with a metal handle, the trolley is easy to push around and perfect for any situation.

Frame Rack

next125 Frame

‘Frame’ – a concept based on the notion of framing things. The system for recesses combines flexible organisation, perfect ergonomics and effective lighting to create a framework for new ways of working in the kitchen. It is the perfect choice when looking for variability, with six organisational elements available for customised combination.

next125 panel garden

What can be better than using fresh herbs to cook with? next125 has developed a solution just for this: the panel garden. This holder for plant pots is hooked into the recess system’s intermediate profile. The integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer. The lighting is controlled by a timer that leaves the light on for 14 hours and then switches it off for ten hours. Thus, you always have fresh herbs on hand. The panel garden is also available without illumination.

Panel garden

next125 flex-boxes made from moulded nonwoven material

Movable, extremely versatile and highly flexible – the next125 Flex-Boxes made from moulded nonwoven material. The material has a pleasant feel and softens the noises made by cutlery, kitchen utensils or china. Whether cutlery insert, plate rack or anti-slip mat, the Flex-Boxes can be combined individually. The material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, wiped or washed in the dishwasher. The elements made from oak create an exciting material mix.

next125 ceramic front nx950

The next125 ceramic front is unrivaled in design. The ceramic panel is supported by a frame construction manufactured to a very high standard, the back of which forms an aluminium-coloured support frame. A solid aluminium edge encloses the panel on all four sides, protecting the slim ceramic sides and underlining the minimalist design. The rear of the front is finished with an infill panel. Ceramic is a high-density material that is also a popular choice for use in laboratory equipment on account of its resistance and hardness. The frame for ceramic and glass is now also available in onyx black.

Ceramic fronts
countertop with frame rack


next125 carcase height 87.5 cm

The new carcase height for greater design freedom brings with it more storage space – even though the new reduced plinth height has been introduced for design reasons, it is naturally a welcome effect, to gain space for an additional drawer or more height for storage space as a result. A further aspect is the homely feel of the low plinth. The plinth has the effect of being a shadow gap and, with its discreet height does not define the kitchen appearance.


next125 cooking table

The free-standing statement at the heart of the kitchen: the award winning cooking table from next125. Its inclined legs create a purist eye-catcher and elegant workstation. The hob disappears flush into the clear surface, thus allowing the clean lines to be shown to their best advantage.

Wall mounted elements in the kitchen


next125 wall-mounted

Adding lightness to the kitchen – the idea of floating. This impressed a wide variety of juries: next125 mounted on wall opens up new design horizons and provides individualists unprecedented freedom in kitchen planning.


next125 cube

Everything in its place: cube adds new space to the principle of order – as an expression of consummate aesthetics. The motto of the modular cube elements is ordered, enclosed, tidy. A fascinating system that has won several awards since 2009.

Shelves in the niche area

Made in Germany

"As much function as is necessary, as much emotion as possible"


Made in Germany, broken down to Made in Herrieden – along the entire value chain. Now without claiming completeness: courage, passion, creator gene, country love, premium thinking, craftsmanship, art, technology, naturalness, production, administration, logistics, automation, process control, industrial high-end manufacturing, environmentally friendly painting lines, sustainable energy management, forward-looking kitchen design, meeting place, kitchens for life.

Only good things last. We therefore rely consciously on a high proportion of in-house production. Constant innovative product developments and improvements coupled with highly capable suppliers guarantee a valuable product. Achieving values lower than the prescribed emission limits for all materials and components is also a part of the high quality standard of the products. This is assured by the highly qualified engineers and skilled personnel in our QA department. For satisfied customers across the globe.


GS label of tested safety: the LGA Nuremberg furniture testing institute has tested our latest models for safety. As a result of testing, our product line-up has been awarded the GS seal of tested safety, certifying that the demands placed on ease and convenience of use, load-bearing capacity, material consistency and safety are satisfied in full.

Golden M: The "Golden M" is a mark of quality awarded by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association – DGM) and is only awarded to furniture that is stable, safe, durable and well-finished – and it may not contain any substances hazardous to health. Continuous checks ensure that furniture carrying the RAL quality label satisfy the DGM's highly exacting requirements.

ISO 9001: Our kitchens have carried the QM certificate EN ISO 9001 for a number of years which governs customer orientation and process quality in respect of requirements and satisfaction with product and design. The LGA certification is renewed annually after testing.


ISO 50001: The energy management system introduced under DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 requires companies to reduce their energy consumption in a structured and systematic manner. Measures can be taken to improve efficiency by continusously recording and evaluating energy data.

LGA certifications


Design must fascinate. In terms of both design and technology. It must inspire enthusiasm and make working in the kitchen an emotional experience. The latest technical developments, innovative options and hidden values in next125 kitchens ensure that your kitchen also remains progressive in the long term.

Design characteristics

Kochinsel, Arbeitsplatte und Nische
Metrical grid system 125 mm
next125 cooking table
Carcase height 75 cm
Küche mit Holzoptik
Carcase height 87.5 cm
next125 mounted on wall
Single line front look
Island Frame
Surface-flush design
Grip ledge
Mechanical opening system TIP-ON
next125 Frame
Shelves for herbs, utensils, kitchen rolls
next125 cube
next125 Panel garden with integrated lighting
Tall units with retractable doors
Double retractable door unit
Open shelf units with sliding door
next125 Sideboard
next125 Glass display unit
Mobile side table
next125 Trolley
Slatted plinth
Flex-Boxes, natural oak
Flex-Boxes in mottled anthracite moulded nonwoven material
Internal drawer and internal pull-out front panels in glass
Carcase interior quartz grey
Carcase interior lava black
Schrank mit Schiebtür
Base units with sliding doors
Open shelf base unit with pull-outs
Regal und Vitrine
Support panel open shelf unit 25 mm
Through-dyed laminate
Kochinsel und Hochschrank
Worktops and panels from 13 mm
Open shelf insert
next125 table & bench
Front supports panel
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Wall units, carcase depth 56 cm
modern design kitchen

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