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Kochinsel, Arbeitsplatte und Nische

Spring-like decor in the kitchen

Content creator Leonie Pauls shows you how

In the next125 kitchen, Leonie Pauls of the Instagram channel @altbau22 shows how well-thought-out decor can bring any kitchen to life.


Content creator and interior stylist Leonie Pauls in the next125 kitchen

Creative Maker Leonie Pauls – an expert in artistic decor

Timeless elegance and minimalist aesthetics make every next125 kitchen an architectural highlight. Selected decorative features can be used to create a particularly homely atmosphere.


In the chosen kitchen, which has a distinctive look with its vertically grooved walnut fronts and SensiQ Inox in a stainless steel finish, the design enthusiast and lover of vintage furniture was able to get her creative juices flowing freely. On her Instagram channel @altbau22, she entertains more than 160,000 followers with her design ideas and finds. She is characterised by her bold use of intense colours and her love of detail, which always result in a unique, harmonious atmosphere.

3 tips on how to harmoniously combine materials in the kitchen:

#1 Create harmony: it’s not just related colours and materials that help to do this; contrasting materials like elegant glass and wood highlight details and draw attention to the variety of materials and colours.


#2 Add accents: decorative as well as light accents also create a harmonious feel in the room. In our interview, Leonie Pauls reveals that lighting is her secret tip for creating an ambience with interior design and also gives tips on how to use light accents in the kitchen.


#3 Visualise combinations: match patterns beforehand to ensure that the materials create a consistent overall appearance. Use our retailer search function to find a specialist retailer in your area and get advice directly from the experts.


Providing space to unleash creativity – the Frame

On the backlit recess shelving over the worktop, Leonie Pauls skilfully showcases a range of ornaments. Cookbooks, a picture in a wooden frame and stylish glasses embrace red and pink tones, resulting in a harmonious interplay with the cool appearance of the worktop made of SensiQ Inox in a stainless steel finish. Combined with the flower arrangement, it conveys a harmonious still life with contrasting impressions. Even everyday objects like carving knives, mortars and fabric napkins become eye-catchers in this well-rounded scene.


The next125 Frame recess shelving unit not only provides an ideal stage for decorative elements, but also serves as a stylish organiser for kitchen utensils. With various accessories such as holders for kitchen roll, spice jars or wine glasses, it becomes a particularly practical design object in the kitchen.

next125 Frame shelf decorated for spring

A floral arrangement – the Frame and compatible decor

Courage to use colour – bold highlights to create a contrast


Visual stimuli, such as the bright pink model of the classic Flowerpot table lamp by Verner Panton, work in harmony with the kitchen materials. A work of art in itself, the kitchen blends into the background, giving the decor free rein. With small details, Pauls gives the kitchen a flair that enhances the natural appearance of the materials.

Flower arrangement on the worktop
Leonie Pauls at the kitchen island

Contrast to minimalism – bold colours and floral accents


Our aim is to develop exceptionally elegant kitchens. At the heart of our thinking are those who appreciate thoughtful design, precision workmanship and quality materials.


Harmonious interplay – the next125 sideboard as a low-key star

Accentuated by complementary decorative features, the iconic sideboard irradiates a special charm. The different shapes and sizes of the decorations on the wall frame the sideboard but do not distract from this stylish standalone piece. Together with candlesticks by the porcelain manufacturer MEISSEN and other stylish objects, the decor is nestled together both on and around the sideboard. A range of pink and yellow tones are purposefully used here, creating a pleasant, elegant aura.

next125 Sideboard with wall decoration above

Pastel decor  the iconic sideboard provides space for design

Pauls has not only succeeded in giving the highlights in the kitchen room to evolve, she has also brought out the best in them through the use of specific accents. Every kitchen can become a unique oasis of wellbeing – with just a few additional touches.




How do you find the material that suits you? How can decoration and storage space be combined? Interior stylist and content creator Leonie Pauls reveals her thoughts on kitchens, design and decoration in this interview.


Same kitchen, new look

next125 kitchen decorated for Christmas

A kitchen in an elegant, minimalist design is versatile: colorful in spring or shimmering between fine porcelain and tinsel at Christmas. At next125, the festive season is celebrated with a premium kitchen decorated by content creator Mike Klar.


modern design kitchen

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