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From glossy to matt: metal in the kitchen

Metal in the kitchen for a purist style

Metal is resilient, durable and easy to keep clean. In modern kitchens, there are always opportunities to seamlessly integrate these properties and combine them with a unique look and feel.


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In the new Collection 2024 in particular, design highlights and smaller additions to the range benefit from the advantages of this robust material. Discover the unrivalled elegance and timeless durability of metal in the kitchen.


Stainless steel –
the design statement
we’re all familiar with

Arbeitsplatte, Nische und Kochinsel

Stainless steel is the most common and well-known metal used in the kitchen. It’s indispensable in sinks, taps, cutlery and parts of stoves and extractors. But why? Its silvery technological look can complement any other material and also helps to bring some light into darker rooms.

open shelves

Stainless steel in the next125 cube for an enhanced recess

With the next125 cube System, both visually and practically, it’s the perfect solution. The system enables design elements in the recesses, for entire walls or for everything in between and is available in stainless steel coloured aluminium or in onyx black.

Kochinsel, Regal, Arbeitsplatte

next125 CUBE

The panel system has been given some new features with the new collection 2024. Discover the new additions in stainless steel and onyx black and use the panel system to personalise your kitchen planning.

To the new accessories

Aluminium – a star in black

[Translate to English:] next125 Küchezeile auf Füßen in Aluminium

The subtle aluminum frame – The aluminium frame in the nx510


Aluminium has all the advantages of stainless steel with the added bonus of a more sophisticated look. That’s what makes it the perfect material for producing slim yet sturdy metal components. Thanks to the subtle support legs, it’s as if the island floats on the aluminium system frame of the island supported by feet. This is where the second benefit of aluminium comes into play, as the onyx black allows it to retreat into the shadows, making it particularly inconspicuous.


The multifunctional next125 sideboards have an almost floating effect thanks to their clear design, while the design of the base also emphasises the cubic architecture. They can be combined with a frame or with frame legs in onyx black.


Storage Rack – Designed for maximum versatility

It is the ideal solution for arranging the workspace and adds a further design feature to the kitchen with its onyx black worktop storage rack. The storage rack is especially useful when planning kitchen islands. It creates storage space where recess solutions are not an option. This elegant functional top unit with interchangeable interior inserts keeps spices, utensils, knives and even a dispenser for cling film or foil nice and tidy and close at hand just above the worktop. There’s even a plug socket.The top unit is available in both one-tier and two-tier models.

next125 2024 Novelties

From design highlights and colours to innovative solutions for kitchen design through to modern fittings: the new products blend seamlessly into the next125 design philosophy of developing exceptionally elegant kitchens with precise workmanship and quality materials.


The new glass display wall units with their reeded glass fronts give the kitchen its very own character. Depending on the viewing angle and how the light falls, the fine lines on the glass create a Moiré pattern. Although you can make out outlines through the glass, the contents of the wall units are concealed.


For even more organisation in the pull-out : The frame support made from basalt grey powder-coated metal provides additional storage space in pull-outs. Thanks to the second level that it creates, the full height of the pull-out can be used optimally. Plates, pans and food items are in clear view on the frame support. A felt slider enables the support to be freely moved on the frame, making everything conveniently accessible.

Whether in the kitchen or living room, the next125 glass display unit is a real eye-catcher! The glass display unit has a deliberate filigree design with a delicate frame, and dark-tinted front panels combined with an extravagant leather-look handle. As a standalone solution with elegant legs or in the plinth version integrated into a tall unit row, you decide how you want to us it in your kitchen planning.


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The aluminium Framewall can bring light and contouring to every wall in the house. Not only does this provide the opportunity to put special pieces on display or set up an unforgettable bar, it looks very stylish too.


The aluminium recess shelf in onyx black – is more than a stylish organising aid for kitchen utensils. It’s also a beautifully designed object for the recess area.

Learn more

Bronze, silver and gold aesthetics

[Translate to English:] next125 Auszug mit Ordnungssystem Primus

For an extraordinary statement: bronze cutlery on moulded non-woven material, mottled anthracite


Unique elements for unique kitchens. Elements with powerful metal colours need to be used carefully since, unlike silver or black, they can clash with other colours and styles or have too strong an effect. When cleverly used as an accent, they signify self-awareness when it comes to style and an appreciation for what makes a kitchen unique.

Discover more

Kitchen design with glass

[Translate to English:] next125 Glasfront

In the world of interior design, the focus is increasingly shifting towards reflections and sightlines. So it’s no wonder that this transparent material is so popular. After all, glass in the kitchen does more than add a touch of modernity; it also reflects a lifestyle.


Discover glass and its possible uses in your next125 kitchen.



modern design kitchen

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