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next125 cube

Everything instantly to hand

The perfect addition for every kitchen; it establishes order and offers storage space where it is needed.


Küche grau

It makes work in the kitchen much easier and much faster. Use the panel system to personalise your kitchen planning. Both visually and practically, it’s the perfect solution. The system enables design elements in the recesses, for entire walls or for everything in between.


modern kitchen with kitchen island
Arbeitsplatte und Paneelsystem

From the very first use, you get a sense of our years of experience with professional chefs. Kitchen roll for wiping up – right there. Vegetable knife in the knife block – ready and waiting. Ceramic bowls in various sizes and convenient shelves as practical placement surfaces. Even spices, wooden spoons, olive oil and fresh basil are all in easy reach. The next125 cube brings everything needed for daily cooking right where it’s needed. Even notes and recipes are no longer forgotten; next125 cube simply takes care of everything.


Stainless steel coloured / Onyx black
shelf for kitchen rolls
cube_01_Kitchen rolls

Optimal access to the hidden roll even when the door is close

shelf for stackable cups

Space-saving: 5 stackable china cups (dishwasher proof)

all-purpose containers
cube_03_All-purpose containers

For anything you like to have at hand

knife block
cube_05_Knife block

Within reach or tidy: With 2 inserts for 3 knives each

rack with hooks
cube_06_Rack with hooks

Always accessible nevertheless invisible: 4 hooks for kitchen tools and even more

multiple socket outlet
cube_07_Multiple socket outlet

3 sockets placed where you need them – visible or hidden

shelf for vinegar and oil
cube_08_Vinegar and oil

Bottles easily accessible. Equipped with two stainless steel bottom shelves

shelf for bowls

Provides space for 3 small and 1 large china bowls (dishwasher proof)

bottle rack
cube_21_Bottle rack

Decorative in natural oak, suitable for 5 wine bottles

picture frame
cube_30_Picture frame

One frame, 2 possibilities: Usable as a picture frame or as a memo board

hook rail with glass
cube_31_Hook rail with glass

6 hooks in front of clear glass

shelf for holding porcelain bowls

A practical option for holding porcelain bowls

suspended shelf
cube_41_Suspended shelf

Whether big or small – Suitable for all china bowls (bowls optional

hook rail for kitchen utensils
cube_42_Hook rail

for kitchen utensils within easy reach – a hook rail with 6 hooks

kitchen roll holder
cube_43_Kitchen roll holder

For easy access to kitchen roll

knife block
cube_44_Knife block

Beautiful protection: 6 knives securely find their place

magnetic knife block
cube_45_Messerblock magnetisch

Knife block magnetic

suspended board with high porcelain cup

Practical: Suspended board with high porcelain cup (dishwasher proof)

storage shelf for vinegar and oil
cube_47_Storage shelf

Vinegar and oil always in view and quickly within reach

tablet holder
cube_50_Tablet holder

For clear visibility in the kitchen whether suspended or standing

panel garden for fresh herbs in the kitchen
cube_51_Panel garden without lighting

For fresh herbs in the kitchen

Panel garden with lighting
cube_52_Panel garden with lighting

Panel garden with lighting

hook set in the kitchen
cube_53_Hook set

With 3 individual hooks for hanging up cooking utensils

magnetic holder for spice containers
cube_54_Spice rack

Made of metal with jars for various spices

spice rack
cube_55_Magnetic holder for spice containers

Magnetic holder for 15 spice containers

storage cmpartment for vinegar/oil in natural oak
cube_56_Storage compartment for vinegar/oil

Storage compartment for vinegar/oil in natural oak, plywood

open shelf
cube_57_Open shelf element

Open shelf element in natural oak, plywood

level shelf in natural oak
cube_58_Level shelf

Level shelf in natural oak, plywood

holder for letters and notes
cube_59_Holder for letters and notes

Holder for letters and notes


What’s nicer than cooking with fresh herbs! The panel garden with integrated lighting ensures that herbs stay fresh longer – particularly practical in darker areas of the kitchen. The lighting is controlled by a timer that dispenses light for 14 hours and then switches it off for 10 hours. The result is fresh herbs, always ready to hand. And you save yourself a trip to the market too. And if your herbs are already getting enough daylight, the panel garden is also available without lighting.


Grifflose Küchen

Avoid harsh contrasts and create harmonious combinations. Whether light or dark. The onyx black-on-black combination offers a modern look with a virtually invisible presence. The next125 cube system is available in stainless steel coloured aluminium or in onyx black.


white kitchen with niche lighting

The perfect complement for every kitchen; it brings order and offers storage space where it’s needed: on the wall. The recess system is also available as part of the pocket system!


kitchen worktop with paneel system

Everything in sight – Bowls for spices, kitchen roll dispenser, knife block and electrical outlet box. The special trick? Everything is suspended – there’s nothing on the worktop.

modern design kitchen

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Clear kitchen design: Inspiration and information on 148 pages.

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