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12.5 questions
for Mike Klar

The creative impulses of the festive next125 Christmas kitchen!

The festive season is in full swing and with it comes the preparations for the biggest celebration of them all, one of love and light: Christmas. A time when family and friends get together to celebrate in style in a festive atmosphere.

The next125 Christmas kitchen – a creative work of art full of light

At premium brand next125 too, Christmas is traditionally celebrated in a really special way. Together with porcelain manufacturer MEISSEN and content creator Mike Klar, we came up with a design that brings the Christmas spirit into the premium kitchen. Here, 12.5 questions provide an insight into Mike Klar’s thoughts.

#1 What’s your take on kitchens?

"The kitchen is the heart of the home, so for me it not only needs to have a practical and logical set-up but should also reflect a feeling of cosiness and individuality."


"I enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, I’m not a fan of having everything on display – all that is out in the open for everyone to see should be beautiful, from the coffee pot to the cooking utensils."

#2 What three words best describe
your interior design style?

"Individual, colourful, emotional"


#3 You use both materials found in the kitchen and new objects. How do you strike a balance?

"It’s just like cooking really: you shouldn’t use too much spice, but sweet dishes need a little tartness to balance them out. In the same way, a warm material like wood, for instance, needs to be offset by something cool and metallic, like silver tinsel."


"A mixture of new objects and a few vintage items gives the kitchen a bit of life and history, as does an old silver cutlery set."

#4 How is the way we use a space connected to design?

"In my mind, very closely. Rooms can of course be simply set up to be rational and functional, but then they often have quite an anonymous feel. They should be practical for those who use them and so they should also be a place that is full of life or a space where a little more chaos is allowed. When looking at a room, not only calm is important but also stimulation. Imperfection is, after all, human and sensuous, just like the dining experience."


#5 How do you add emotion to rooms?

"Often through colour, contrasting materials, plants or flowers, and art. I try to tell little non-verbal stories through objects."

Material collage  nx670 walnut with vertical grooves and  nx930 elements made of SensiQ Inox with a stainless steel finish.

#6 How do you find a decor that suits you?

"I find it helpful, for example, to take inspiration from a person’s clothing. We often automatically wear things that inspire us, with materials and colours that convey a personal feel. Works of art that appeal to you can also serve as inspiration. Generally, you should take a little time to find the right things – second-hand objects are great too. Public places, like restaurants and hotels, where you feel at home, can be another source of inspiration."

#7 Which materials create which ambience?

"The wood with grooves creates a warm base as a natural and solid warm material. Combined with glass and SensiQ Inox, it doesn’t look so rustic and a cooler contrast is formed, which creates a modern look. In general, glass is always great for adding light and reflections to the overall picture and for integrating a little “movement”."



#8 What’s good for creating a play of light and shadow?

"I’m a fan of having a range of light sources: indirect basic lighting is important, as is functional work lighting, and these can then be complemented by candles, especially at Christmastime. What’s more, shiny materials like chrome look especially good against a dark background or bright colours. Translucent materials like curtains or Plexiglass screens can create special light and shadow effects."


A real niche product


Flexible storage, optimal ergonomics and beautiful lighting: In the kitchen, whatever doesn’t fit in the cabinet is hung on the wall.


#9 How do you use colour to create a timeless style in an era of muted tones?

"On the one hand, I like to see how certain colours were used and implemented in the past. That often gives me new ideas. I also try to imagine whether a room that is decorated with shades from the same colour group will automatically appear more harmonious. I think it’s important to show a certain amount of consistency and simply stick to that. It’s better to focus conscientiously on larger areas rather than a lot of smaller points dotted here and there."

Iconic – the next125 sideboard and the next125 glass display unit blend in perfectly with any room design.


Whether in the kitchen or living room the next125 glass display unit is a real eye-catcher! The glass display unit has a deliberate filigree design with a delicate frame, and dark-tinted front panels combined with an extravagant leather-look handle. 


#10 What advice would you give someone who wants to move away from classic Christmas decor?

"Look for materials that you can either use differently from the norm or that create a common thread throughout the room. Also stay away from “ready-made” decorations and instead use natural materials and colourful flowers. Fruit and vegetables can also be arranged in a Christmassy way."


#11 What’s Christmas all about for you?

"Home-cooked meals in relaxed company, with those close to you – without feeling under pressure."


#12 What’s a decorative highlight for you that can’t be left out?

"Vases (preferably vintage Murano), bright lights and expressive art are particularly important to me."

#12.5 A kitchen should absolutely...

"... be homely and provide enough room to cook in. But you should also be able to sit around in it all evening, like you would in your favourite pub. And it should reflect the personality of its owners."

Christmas kitchen

Fine porcelain, tinsel and minimalist design all around – next125 is celebrating Christmas.


The 2023 Christmas kitchen was decorated by Berlin content creator Mike Klar (@HerrKlar). Find out more about the decorated premium kitchen in our magazine article "Christmas at next125".


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