Christmas menu

Conscious holistic processing

Sustainability in the Christmas menu means more than just buying products at the regional weekly market.

Christmas is about friends and family – therefore, it is important not to prepare the menu on your own. Use this time to get in the mood for the festive season with your loved ones.

"Eating connects people and makes them happy."

Sarah Henke, CHEF

It is aimed at producing little or no waste during cooking. The main component of Sarah Henke's Christmas menu is a duck, which can be served in different variations. From the roasted breast to the soup, up to the filling of the Wontons – each part is used and prepared in a different way.

Prepare your Christmas menu in advance, as far as possible. This is an important factor to be able to enjoy the Christmas Day in a relaxed manner and not having to stand behind the cooker for the whole day. In our case, the various marinades, sauces and pickled vegetables can be wonderfully prepared the day before.

What do you do with the leftover food? Rely on dishes that are still tasty when heated again or even frozen.



Christmas menu by Sarah (PDF)

Sustainable dinner – sustainable

Inspiration for a sustainable christmas dinner

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