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Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

Scaled down to the essentials

@the.so.called.bauhaus & next125

Clear lines, geometric shapes and a minimal colour palette: like the Bauhaus movement, next125 focuses on the essentials.


Catharina and Christian from the Instagram account @the.so.called.bauhaus hold – as this name would suggest – the Bauhaus style in high esteem. The outstanding design, precise workmanship and use of high-quality materials were essential to planning their house. As design- and quality-conscious people, they therefore decided on a next125 kitchen and a utility room which would also serve as a backup kitchen.


The continuous lines were an important feature which follows the minimalist Bauhaus style. This architectural feature makes possible the metric grid size of 125 mm, which is the foundation of next125. The biggest advantage of this continuous grid size is that it allows a kitchen to be planned flexibly and ergonomically adapted to the working height of its user while maximising storage space. 


Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

Clear lines – nothing distracts from the overall look.

Kochinsel, Esstisch

In the next125 kitchen, the single line front look combined with an extra-slim worktop creates an elegant appearance. The result is a front that is scaled back to meet its purpose and which expresses an even clearer design language. This design is limited to a horizontal grip ledge profile under the worktop, which is used to open the top drawer or pull-out. The lower drawers and pull-outs are opened using the Tip-On system.


Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

Catharina and Christian have opted for a carcase height of 87.5 cm in their next125 kitchen. Not only does this enhance the monolithic, cubic design of the kitchen and have ergonomic benefits, but the low plinth height of 5 cm also adds to the positive effect of gaining more storage space.



More information about grid size

Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

The joint pattern extends smoothly across the entire kitchen, uninterrupted by any handles or recesses. Instead, the cabinets are effortlessly opened with the Tip-On function, promoting the essential-oriented look of the kitchen.


Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

The pocket system is a real all-rounder. When closed, the pocket system functions as a homely piece of furniture that gives the kitchen a minimalistic appearance. When open, its full functionality comes out to play. All it takes is a quick tap and the retractable doors spring open. These doors can then disappear into the sides of the carcase with a gentle push.


The structure of the interior is based on the user’s individual needs. In the case of the.so.called.bauhaus, the interior of the pocket system was made into a coffee bar. It can also store other important kitchen devices, which can be shut away out of sight behind the doors when not in use. Find out more about the next125 pocket system.



More information about the pocket system

Pocketschrank mit Beleuchtung

Lighting – the LED lights installed in the pocket system provide ample light and are also pleasingly discreet when you’ve finished working in the kitchen.

Kochinsel, Hochschrank mit Geräte

Only at second glance will it become clear what is behind the.so.called.bauhaus kitchen. The next125 kitchen is expanded through a door “camouflaged” as a tall unit which provides access to a backup kitchen. The ample fronts conceal the access door, making it seamlessly disappear when closed. This gives the kitchen a consistent and minimalist overall appearance. When open, the home owners have direct access to the additional space.



Catharina and Christian have continued the clear lines and scaled-down design in the fittings and organisation inside the drawers and pull-outs of their next125 kitchen. In the Primus organisation system for drawers and pull-outs, everything has its place and is intelligently organised. The natural oak inserts can be arranged to meet individual requirements, providing for furnishings with the greatest functionality. Glass fronts have also been fitted on the internal drawers and pull-outs. This creates an eye-catching feature that blends in perfectly with the cutting-edge kitchen design with its subtle, authentic elegance.


More interior design ideas

A kitchen should absolutely...

...have both an attractive appearance and act as a functional space at the heart of family life where we can cook, bake and eat together. Perfection is achieved when it can be used as an open kitchen-cum-living room or separated from the rest of the living area by a sliding door. That was one of our wishes, which we are happy to have fulfilled when building the house.



Modern kitchen design is characterised by restrained shapes and linear design. To achieve seamless transitions between the kitchen fronts and the hobs and worktops, SensiQ is the perfect choice of material. Catharina and Christian have opted for a SensiQ front in onyx black in their next125 kitchen. The surface feels soft, has a refined, matt finish and is highly resistant to external influences. In addition, the material is largely protected from fingerprints thanks to its anti-finger-print properties.


Kochinsel, Esstisch

When planning their kitchen, they prioritised design, precise workmanship and high-quality materials.


modern design kitchen

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