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next125 cube as recess panel

Organisation in the kitchen

Discover practical tips and innovative solutions to get the most out of your next125 kitchen and make efficient use of every single centimetre of storage space.


A well-organised kitchen is not just visually appealing but also easier to cook in, saving you valuable time. The following step-by-step guide will give you tips and tricks on how to make optimal use of the storage space in your kitchen, with a focus on not only maintaining the stylish design but also skilfully highlighting it.


next125 kitchen nx510 in Agate grey

Step 1: drawers

Analysing and planning drawer space

Before you dive into organising your kitchen, you need to take some time to analyse it thoroughly. Identify the areas that are used the most and think about which utensils, appliances and foods you use most often. In your planning, include what organisational aids you can use effectively.

next125 Kitchen drawer with interior

next125 interior elements – helps you to organise your kitchen drawers.

Step 2: tall units

Well-thought-out storage solutions in tall units

Storage systems specially developed for next125 kitchens allow you to keep clear lines and a minimalist exterior whilst making the most of your storage space. The tall larder unit with its tiered pull-out provides room for everything you need for your next dinner party. From smaller glasses to large containers: everything has its place. The contents of the pull-out come out of the unit in rank and file as soon as the door is opened – ready and at your service!

[Translate to English:] next125 Vorratshochschrank mit Etagenauszug aus Glas
[Translate to English:] next125 Vorratshochschrank mit Etagenauszug


Accommodating – the helpful tall larder unit with tiered pull-out

Step 3: storage space

Creative solutions for small spaces

Even the smallest of rooms can provide storage space. A well-organised internal pull-out stores small utensils so that they are invisible from the outside but close at hand. This leaves surfaces free and ensures clear lines. The use of matt glass fronts for the internal drawers is not only a visual highlight but also allows you to see what’s inside when the door is open.

Image of an opened dark next125 base cabinet with interior extractions

A sophisticated look – glass fronts on internal pull-outs


Versatile and flexible: smart arrangements for the inner workings of your kitchen. 

Say goodbye to disorder in drawers or cabinets. The variable Flex-Box system brings order into next125 kitchen cabinets and keeps all your kitchen utensils tidy. 


Step 4: workspace

Clever organisation systems in the workspace

Organisation systems play a decisive role in the efficient use of storage space, so you also need to think about the space above your base units. next125 cube efficiently uses the recess to keep all your kitchen utensils neat and tidy. The multifunctional panel system ensures that accessories are always close at hand. Group similar items together to have a better overview and give your kitchen a harmonious appearance.

Bright next125 kitchen nx510 in white with cooking island and niche panel

Use the recess – creative storage solutions from next125 cube

next125 cube

The perfect addition for every kitchen; it establishes order and offers storage space where it is needed.

Use the panel system to personalise your kitchen planning. The system enables design elements in the recesses, for entire walls or for everything in between.


Step 5: wall units

Aim high with wall and top units

Don’t forget the vertical space in your kitchen. Wall and top units can be used to create space that elegantly keeps the work surfaces free from things that you rarely use.

next125 Kitchen nx510 in shell white

Wall and top units – nx510 makes use of the space right up to the ceiling

Storing and sorting

Discover the wide range of options – from functional flatware inserts to aesthetically pleasing storage units and innovative drawer systems.


modern design kitchen

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