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functional simplistic kitchen

Open Living Spaces

The kitchen is opening up – fixtures and fittings for the boundless living space

“The only thing that is constant is change.” This quote by Heraclitus seems to be just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Our needs are ever-changing, so everything has to be versatile and next125 is exactly that.


With floor plans changing and us altering our lifestyle habits and the way we use rooms, creating flowing transitions, the kitchen is opening up into the living area and being used for cooking, eating, working, living, celebrating, learning and much more. You can find inspiration for designing your very own living and cooking paradise at next125.


Subtle storage space

handless simple kitchen

The purist kitchen nx510 is fantastically flexible and can be tailored to individual requirements and room layouts. The L-shaped kitchen units with laminate SensiQ fronts in seashell white matt velvet AFP boldly blend into any room without appearing too dominant. The pastel tones elegantly convey an impression of open space, giving the room a warm and homely feel but at the same time lifting the mood and revitalising. This pleasant atmosphere discreetly flows through from the kitchen into the adjacent living area. But it’s not just the clear, consistent design of the kitchen concept that is appealing. There are also hidden treasures: doors, drawers and pull-outs conceal an abundance of intelligently devised storage space where everyday objects are always close at hand. Like a quick-change artist, the pocket system is the perfect complement. When closed, the ample fronts protect the contents from prying eyes and when open they allow direct access: the subtle home office is skilfully and stylishly hidden away – life and work live harmoniously side by side during the daytime and are simply disconnected at the end of the day. 


pocket system cupboards

The options are virtually endless: the pocket system can also house an entire row of kitchen units and so provide an opportunity to cook in smaller rooms such as offices without the sink and kitchen appliances disturbing the working atmosphere in the room. But that’s not all. Even an elegant home bar can be concealed behind the disappearing doors of the pocket system. Centre stage for every party, during the daytime everything can be discreetly stowed away. No sooner do the doors come open, the mood is set.


The pocket system

A cupboard that is a master at hide and seek


More about the pocket system

Organisation meets elegance

A skilful link in the transition area of the open living space is bound to catch the eye. Perfect for this are items of furniture that can act as harmonious, elegant standalone pieces or a tasteful interface between the separate areas, transforming free space into an oasis of well-being.


Its sleek look makes the glass display unit a timeless, decorative piece. Hidden drawers in its interior and optional lighting create a harmonious blend of storage space and stylish display areas for keepsakes and other favourite belongings. Whether Grandma’s tea set or holiday souvenirs, the tinted front panes invite you to take a closer look.


Vitrine mit Schubkasten

An elegant standalone unit capable of asserting its presence in the room is the sideboard. It provides a wow effect as a freestanding unit or harmoniously blends into the kitchen, home office, living or dining area as an essential all-rounder: with a sunken storage tray, shelf inserts or English pull-outs, the versatile design options are not just limited to its fittings. High-quality materials like wood, glass and vegan leather add a touch of sophistication to any room.



More inspiration and information?

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The enjoyment of everyday life

Our table and bench extend the familiar high quality of the next125 kitchen through to the living area. Made from solid natural walnut or natural knotty oak and available in various sizes, these cosy furnishings invite you to take a seat, chat for hours on end or let your hair down and party. The addition of a stylish rug creates an eye-catching place to come together, whilst candles and vases further enhance the inviting atmosphere. Whether with guests or alone – anyone who sits here to dine is enveloped in the heart of the room.


Table and benches

The next125 trolley is the ideal multifunctional accessory for serving up meals. With its range of features, it is so adaptable that it can be used in just about any way you wish. Whether as part of the home bar, a helper in the home office or a link between the kitchen and dining table, the trolley adapts to any situation. Thanks to its four finely crafted, parquet-friendly castors and the elegant, subtle onyx black colour scheme, the next125 trolley blends in with its surroundings. And if need be, it can conveniently disappear under the cooking table. The versatile range of fittings for the next125 trolley comes in natural oak and creates a great impression whether holding a cocktail shaker or an ink pot.



Lifestyle choices

Today the kitchen increasingly dominates the living space. No longer it the kitchen confined to its traditional four walls. What could be more appropriate than picking up on this trend and transforming functional spaces into living spaces.


Discover the product variety of the living elements from next125

modern design kitchen

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