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next125 kitchen nx902 in glas matt bronze metallic

next125 – The story

Designed to be seen from the outset

next125 has received the gold German Brand Award – a great excuse to look back on the brand’s history.


In the early 2000s, the forward-looking idea of a 125-mm grid was adapted for the kitchen, inspired by architectural standards. This concept, which was known for its visual peace and harmony, had now also found a place in the kitchen sector. Under the promising slogan “A new generation of kitchens”, next125 established itself as an innovative designer kitchen brand, which placed the highest demands on versatility, functionality and aesthetics.


next125 kitchen in 2002 with grid system

Functionality and design – The next125 grid system in 2002.

Raster & carcase system

The next125 design concept is based on an architectural feature: the metric grid size. The kitchen grid height of 125 mm therefore lends its name to the brand name.


The precise workmanship and use of cutting-edge technology were essential for next125 from the outset. Thanks to industrial manufacturing methods, the company was able to set new standards in terms of quality and precision. Its kitchens were optimally crafted and always state of the art. This combination of design innovation and progressive manufacturing made next125 a groundbreaking brand in the kitchen sector, which is still unparalleled today.


In the 2010s, next125 and next line took centre stage. With their innovative appearance and clear joins (or clear lines as we would say today) they strived for a purist, scaled-back design. One highlight was an elegant new feature presented by next line: handleless kitchens that combined both modern and classic design.


next125 kitchen handleless in wood

Handleless elegant – next125 kitchen with closed fronts and handleless surfaces from 2011.

Over time, next line, originally started as an independent brand, was integrated into the next125 portfolio. At the same time, the next125 campaign image took on a new direction. True to the innovative nature of the kitchen brand, an unconventional scene was set: farm animals in a peculiar environment explored the premium kitchen, providing for unique imagery.


next125 campaign 2011 with goats in the kitchen
next125 campaign 2013 with geese in the kitchen

At the start of the 2020s, next125 entered into a new phase of maturity. Under the concept of a "new look", the brand presented a completely new logo and its creative makers who provide a new perspective of kitchen design. Through creative eyes and authentic stories, next125 brings design into people’s homes and touches their hearts. Its claim “authentic kitchen” couldn’t be more fitting.

next125 kitchen Flower-Art

Today, next125 is an established premium brand that can be proud of a long success story built on experience and continual development. With every step, the brand has strengthened its position and reinforced its claim to excellence in the kitchen sector. Through continual improvement and innovations, next125 has become a name we can rely on, representing outstanding quality,functionality and attractive design.


The brand next125

Inspired by the ideas of Bauhaus – functional, durable and timelessly beautiful: We design the personal unique piece in series.


next125 glitters with gold:
German Brand Award 2023

German Brand Award for next125

next125 has received the Design Council’s “German Brand Award 2023 Gold” in the “Excellent Brands – Kitchen & Household Appliances” category. Already several times next125 could convince for unique kitchen design: Furnishings, which were awarded this year, you can find in our magazine article "Award-winning design".

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