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New branding

We proudly present: the “New Look”

Over the past 20 years, next125 has developed into a premium brand of international standing. What could be more appropriate than to rethink and redesign the brand identity?


When next125 was launched in 2001 as a gridded premium brand, it was still a courageous step.


"Kitchen one generation ahead" – The claim at that time put the ambition in a nutshell: to be forward-looking and progressive, yet different from the rest.

next125 has grown up — and it’s time to show this

The central element of the "New Look" is, in a way, the flagship of every brand: the logo. The previous filigree lettering with a lowered number as used since the early years, gives way to a strong design in which letters and numbers stand confidently on one level. In particular, the striking initial "n" with its prominently serif provides a recognition value.


The "New Look" – The word logo is more compact and straightforward and thus more present and contemporary.

"The decision for a "New Look" is an important milestone for us. It shows that next125 has developed a new self-image. Through clear, reduced, contemporary and sympathetic elements, we now want to express this visually in our "New Look"."

– Markus Schüller, CEO Sales / Marketing

The other elements that have shaped the image of the brand over the years have also been rejuvenated. The fonts and the visual language also take up the “New Look. ”


The Creative Makers ‒
a new narrative as a common thread that runs through all communication

To create the communications, we establish a dialogue between next125 and Creative Makers: creative people who deal with the attitude, form, materials, colour and space in their own way.

The Creative Makers narrative strengthens the brand from three sides:

> through the people who design the brand and the products,

> the people whose attitudes inspire the brand and

> the people who creatively use the brand and involve it in their lives. 


This creates a closeness between the brand’s stories and the products, sets the stories within exciting contexts and gives the next125 brand a strong and unique presence on the market – different, extraordinary and special.



There’s a lot going on with next125 in the near future. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date at all times.



Want to see the new look for yourself? We will showcase the premium kitchen brand’s new appearance at EuroCucina in Milan from 07 – 12/06/2022. Come and be inspired!


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