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Ali Güngörmüş in front of his next125 kitchen

The Premium Kitchen of a Master Chef

Star chef and restaurateur Ali Güngörmüş lives to cook.

Let us introduce you to his premium next125 kitchen, the stage for his passion, creativity and sophisticated craftsmanship.


next125 kitchen Ali Güngörmüş

Having been awarded a Michelin star and as one of the “100 Köpfe von morgen” – an award given to a hundred people in Germany who have a promising future based on their creativity and motivation – Güngörmüş can look back on many distinctions and milestones. Alongside his two restaurants Le Canard Nouveau and Pageou, the latter of which he named after his hometown in Turkey, he also runs a popular culinary school in Munich’s Old Town.

The chef and his kitchen

next125 Kitchen with cooking island

Ali Güngörmüş takes a warm-hearted, passionate approach to his work, while maintaining a high level of concentration and creativity. The chef’s workplace – his kitchen – needs to embody the ambience in order to be the perfect venue for hosting the entire spectrum of his artistic ability and creations. His next125 kitchen in his culinary school in Munich isn’t just a place to come together and cook; it’s also a welcoming environment with a homelike atmosphere. Various influences from East Anatolia that can be seen in the materials of the kitchen as well as throughout the entire room design contribute to its authenticity, turning the kitchen into something really special.


The materials

One of the most influential elements in the room is the wood. It’s a timeless material that gives the room its characteristic charm and homely warmth and simultaneously provides an ideal contrast to the cooler mosaic tiles. This natural material, which has excellent durability and robustness, is featured on the kitchen fronts, the wood slats on the wall and in the dining area. The walnut shelves provide additional indirect light in the next125 kitchen with their integrated LED strips.

Ali Güngörmüş kitchen from next125

For an Oriental touch – the recessed back wall is adorned with blue tile mosaic.

The blue tiles serve as a recess in the kitchen and are reminiscent of the “Nazar eye”. Originating mainly in Turkey, Greece and Central Asia, the belief is that it protects against the “malevolent glare”, which represents jealousy and envy. This inconspicuous tile pattern lends the kitchen an additional oriental flair and the tiles’ round shape gives the recessed back wall a special feel.


Dining area of the cooking school of Ali Güngörmüş
Detail of the niche back wall and shelves with integrated light


The indirect lighting – of the recess and the sea of lamps in the dining area serve to enhance the ambience.

The timeless, bright worktop in quartzite grey is an interesting contrast to the warmly coloured wooden fronts and perfectly rounds off the overall look of the kitchen. Safe for food prep and scratch, cut and acid-resistant, the natural-stone-effect ceramic worktop from Systemo does the design standards and value expected of such a (professional) kitchen justice.


Lemons on the countertop
shot of decorated next125 kitchen with systemo countertop

Distinguishing features

Summer cuisine, seasoning and aromatic cuisine are the names given to Güngörmüş’ varied cooking courses. Having spent a lot of time in the kitchen, Ali Güngörmüş values ergonomics and practicality in his kitchen. That’s why the work surfaces and shelving are at a comfortable height, so as to create a relaxed work environment during the courses. The oven is also at eye level to save the students from repeatedly bending down and facilitate the workflow.

Ergonomics thanks to grid system

The next125 design concept is based on an architectural feature: the metric grid size. Second to none, it ensures peace and structure. 


Ali Güngörmüş in front of his next125 kitchen
Illuminated next125 cheek shelf with oven at sight height

The drawers and fronts are handleless and are easy and convenient to open thanks to the Tip-On door opening mechanism. But that’s not all, as with the help of Flex-Boxes in the internal pull-outs which are perfect for bits and bobs Güngörmüş is able to achieve the organisation in his kitchen he believes to be so important.


next125 English pull-outs with flex boxes
English pull-outs


The kitchen island features English pull-outs in elegant walnut  – which draw your gaze and give the front a pleasant aesthetic that’s easy on the eye. The variable Flex-Box system brings order to the next125 kitchen island and keeps all your kitchen utensils neatly organised.

next125 Flex-Boxes


Function in its finest form – smart arrangements for the inner workings of your kitchen. The variable Flex-Box system brings order into next125 kitchen cabinets and keeps all your kitchen utensils tidy. The practical Flex-Boxes made from solid wood and moulded non-woven material are extremely versatile and flexible. 


Backup kitchen

View into the backup kitchen of Ali Güngörmüş

If you love to cook, you’ll know there’s one thing that’s always in short supply: space. What’s the solution? A secondary work area where tasks can be performed and devices and utensils can be stored to reduce the messiness in your main kitchen – a so-called “backup kitchen”.


Ali Güngörmüş’ culinary school also features a secondary kitchen. Keeping everything close at hand with a combination of open and closed elements, it provides not just storage space, but also the knowledge of where all the utensils are stored.


While the island of the main kitchen is dominated by the mix of materials and colours throughout the room, the aesthetic of the worktop and fronts in the backup kitchen is uniform and purist and is pervaded by the homogeneous satin, stone grey of the SensiQ surface. This material from Systemo makes for a timeless and flawless appearance and reduces fingerprints thanks to an innovative anti-fingerprint property.

Backup kitchen from Ali Güngörmüş' cooking school

Fresh turquoise, light grey and homely wood – the backup kitchen is the perfect complement to the main kitchen.


More information and inspiration from Ali Güngörmüş's cooking school can also be found at the interior design studio MALLUVIA from Munich.


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