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More than just light or dark

Light can play a key role when the function of the kitchen transitions from work to pleasure. 


Effect lighting or work light, wonderfully bright or dimmable if desired for atmosphere: In living spaces and in the kitchen, light plays a different role for every person. Everyone benefits when the right solution is available for all preferences: From pendant luminaires to cabinet interior lighting, and LEDs above the work surface.


It provides light, but is never intrusive. Just the essentials – the luminaire seems to almost float above the cooking island and it is a perfect light source. Use the 4-channel wireless controller to precisely regulate light temperature. The LED pendent luminaire is available in a stainless steel coloured version or onyx black version. With height-adjustable technology the luminaire fits anywhere.


Discretely concealed in the interior of the frame and absolutely practical, the interior cabinet lighting ensures an ideal view of what’s inside – every corner is illuminated. 


Light plays a major role in the work area of the kitchen – good and effective work is only possible with adequate light and no shadows. This is most easily achieved with direct light from above: LED spots as downlight luminaires are well-suited for this.


LED downlight luminaires – Ensure adequate light and are also pleasingly discreet when you’ve finished working in the kitchen

Sleek and stylish, a LED grip recess profile underscores the minimalist appearance of the kitchen. Effect-rich lighting ensures beautiful indirect light – also a nice touch when you’re not busy in the kitchen.

Exclusive and worthwhile – the backlit shelf perfectly underpins the impression of elegance. Your favourite pieces really shine.


Ideal for easy access – the illuminated shelf provides a special atmosphere in the kitchen.

Light at the ‘workplace’ is important. The under-cabinet lighting installed in the wall unit perfectly illuminates the work surface and lends a cosy atmosphere to the entire room.



Striking and individual


Underside lighting
Wall light board
Interior lighting
LED lighting shelf dimmbar
LED illuminated wall shelf Wing

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