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next125 wooden kitchen with dining room and living room

5 reasons for using wood in the kitchen

Wood is neither old nor new, outdated nor modern – wood is simply timeless and will always be with us. Wood gives next125 kitchens an extra dose of charm. Find out what else makes it great for planning your kitchen in this handy guide.


next125 kitchen nx660 with wood and lights

1. Visually and haptically inimitable

Wood is a material with an unmistakeable individuality. No two grains are alike; every piece is unique. Furthermore, it feels smooth and warm to the touch – our fingertips are drawn to wood in the kitchen. If you’re looking to enhance this sensation, the nx670 grooved front adds more texture. It can also be combined with the Tip-On opening mechanism so that there’s good reason to run your hands over the wood every day.


next125 kitchen nx670 with wood
next125 wooden shelve nx670


Whether in the kitchen or in the living area as a door for shelving – the nx670 grooved front has an unparalleled feel.

2. Sustainable

Presumed to be the oldest construction material alongside stone and bone, by nature wood is one of the most sustainable materials you can use to furnish your home. The wood in the next125 range is PEFC-certified and comes from sustainably-managed, controlled forests. Responsible sustainability is extremely important in the production process too. Using the wood left over from production for heating is just one example. At home, wood stands out for its stability and durability; it will be a faithful companion for years to come and a high-calibre head turner.


next125 kitchen nx505 with wood

Enjoyment for years to come – F805 old oak in the nx650 kitchen.

3. Creating an atmosphere

The right atmosphere is what makes a house a home. Ranging from light to darker tones, wood has a great influence on its surroundings. This makes it one of the most effective materials for setting the right mood. But that’s not its only advantage: wood refracts light very well and reflects it to a minimum. We can even go as far as to say that it is one of the best materials for protection against indirect UV radiation.


next125 kitchen nx640 in dark wood and illuminated recess profile


Wood can create all kinds of atmospheres – from exceptionally warm (nx870) to virtually monochrome (nx640).

4. Low-maintenance

next125 kitchen with systemo wooden worktops

Clean in no time – solid wood worktops such as the Systemo H689 natural walnut, oiled.

Cleaning and maintenance are important factors when planning a kitchen, and wood makes the job easier. Most dirt can be removed with a soft, lint-free cloth and lukewarm water. Always wipe in the direction of the grain so that you can remove the very last crumb from each of the grooves, and then dry thoroughly. In the case of more stubborn soiling, a mild cleaning product will suffice and the surface will look like new again.


5. Extremely versatile

As far as design is concerned, wood is a true all-rounder. Whether used to catch the eye in individual elements like English pull-outs or the cooking table, or used for a consistent look throughout the kitchen – you can’t go wrong with wood. Wood can be used as a highlight or will happily take centre stage. Glass and metal add a great finishing touch, as you can see on the iconic next125 sideboard. The subtle dialogue between different consistencies gives each material a grand, first-class finish.


next125 kitchen nx960 with wood elements
next125 Sideboard for kitchen and living room in wood and glas


Naturality in focus – material contrasts create an atmosphere of originality, full of elegance. For example, in the nx960 or the next125 sideboard.

next125 Sideboard

Whether used for storage or decoration, an elegant sideboard is an all-rounder. Different versions and design features allow you to create a completely personal dream combination.


modern design kitchen

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