NX 870

Fenix mocha brown fine matt AFP / Natural walnut

Is the kitchen becoming a living room or the living room a kitchen? A question that can be answered quickly when you look at this kitchen. Open on both sides and serving as a room element, the open shelf unit subtly emphasises the homely character while, at the same time, acting as a bridge between cooking and dining.

The selective use of the innovative Fenix laminate material in mocha brown with its easy-care anti fingerprint finish and ceramic elements for recess and worktop reinforce the homely character. The front deliberately finished in natural walnut and the omission of handles made possible by integrated Tip-On, exudes a particular serenity.


The kitchen block made from Fenix with its single line optic serves as a minimalist contrast. In order to ensure a more regular front view, this design features an horizontal grip ledge profile under the worktop used for the opening of the first pull-out or drawer. The drawers and pull-outs underneath open with the mechanical opening system TIP-ON.


Wall-mounted elements provide ways of creating designs that appear to float in mid air. Based on the 125 mm grid – with the aim of letting the kitchen as a living area appear freer and weightless.


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next125 table – Designed in a way that expresses unadulterated clarity, it forms a homogeneous unit with the kitchen. The table in solid, natural wood underscores the design style. Sturdy, slightly angled legs complement the next125 Cooking table with absolute perfection.

Lighting in the recess – that can also be used as effect lighting in the evening. This produces a living space that emphasises the interplay between living room and kitchen.



Fenix solid core is pressed from several layers of solid in order to obtain a 4 mm thick worktop. The contemporary, warm and velvety design invites the user to touch it and to feel comfortable. Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating AFP, annoying fingerprints are considerably reduced.

NX 860 / NX 870

Solid core

NX 860 V162F

Fenix alpine white fine matt AFP

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