The next125 brand

The next125 kitchens, manufactured in Germany, are synonymous with reduction and aesthetics. In their timelessness, they are the deliberate alternative to fast-paced trends – and even protect the environment.

Brand philo­sophy


Over 1,500 employees manufacture 118,000 kitchens every year in Herrieden in Franconia – every single one individually tailored to the customer's requirements, made in Germany and environmentally sound. We are active internationally in the markets of Germany, Europe and beyond. Always open to new ideas, and always fully aware of every demand – from the company, employees, retailers and the environment. Always a step ahead. Always in search of the optimum. Always ready for another leap into the future. Always in the sense of the Bauhaus philosophy "The democratization of design – well shaped and attractively priced."

Our animal campaign

How to present aesthetical premium kitchens at the highest level? Our answer: in distinctive contrast with imperfect, rustic locations and animal protagonists. The unmistakable message: next125 stands for “kitchens in harmony with nature and price.”. This year’s presentation stages Allgäu calves – they follow the footsteps of goats, sheep, geese, Highland Cattles, Swabian Hall swines and donkeys. Thanks to its unique graphic language, the campaign has been causing a stir since 2011.

Campaigns of recent years

Catalan donkey and dwarf donkey motif

The adorable stars of the 7 campaign motif are a Catalan donkey and two dwarf donkeys. They were allowed to visit a next125 kitchen in Saffron yellow satin in a traditional coffee roasting house in the Rhineland.

Franconian pigs motif

Franconian pigs are the sympathetic protagonists of the image number 6. This old German breed is under protection of origin and raised under defined specifications.

Cattle motif

The next125 design campaign was at the Orangery in the Residence in Wurzburg. A kitchen that newly interprets the library theme – in a light-filled venue with two shaggy main characters...

Geese motif

The kitchen cubic white and white feathered geese. An abandoned castle provides the space for the geese motif of next125 campaign. Authentic and honest.

Sheep motif

Quadrupeds among themselves: the innovative, multiple design award-winning table shares the barn with the sheep.

Goats motif

The launch of the campaign in the year 2010. Our next125 classic design with a timeless kitchen. Cubic forms meet the personalities of untamed goat. An exciting combination…

Our values

Authentic kitchen


Sustainable rather than wasteful, timeless rather than short-lived, conscientious rather than careless: is more than just a phrase for us – We are committed to making an active contribution to environmental protection through commitment to the region: through responsible production, the use of recyclable materials, and extensive investments in innovative, environmentally sound and efficient processes. After all, quality for us also means quality of life. We strike out in new directions and build kitchens meeting the highest design standards: with  optimum value for money. Because the room for cooking is more. It is expression and a reflection of lifestyle, of needs.




Our company's certification with the PEFC logo is symbolic of our commitment to the environment and the responsible use of wood as an indispensable raw material. The integrative concept of the PEFC Initiative not only strives to preserve the natural forests and their ecological balance, but also guarantees a controlled working chain that is monitored independently, totally reproducible and guaranteed to be sustainable.


Heat generation through the
use of waste wood

“Where wood is chopped splinters must fall“, a saying goes. This is exactly what happens in producing kitchens – where waste wood is left in abundance. What more obvious than to turn it into energy rather than leave it as waste. This way, by burning our waste wood in a thermally cleaned manner, we generate the heating energy for the entire company. This is a step towards the future, both ecologically and economically.


Environmentally sound in

From Germany to France, Spain, the UK, Benelux and other countries ... Anyone, like us, covering thousands upon thousands of miles across Europe bears a responsibility. To meet this responsibility, Schüller has for years been investing in an increasingly eco-friendly and fuel-saving fleet of trucks, currently numbering 55. This makes the Euro 6 standard our contribution to making the air cleaner. Today and in the future.


Cleanly packaged

We have concluded a disposal contract with a recycling management company which ensures that registered packages will be recycled and will fulfil all requirements of the packaging ordinance. This guarantees that all packaging materials are manufactured and disposed of via environmentally sound methods.

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