The kitchen

Living space for joy and consumption

Especially during the Christmas holidays, the kitchen becomes the centre of attention. Here, it is particularly important to combine design, emotion and function.

Everyone finds their place – some for cooking, others for preparing the table decoration. The filigree cooking island serves as the communicative centre of the room, which fits loosely into a reduced kitchen architecture like a solitaire.  Almost floating, thanks to the visually understated, onyx-black plinth frame on slender feet, the island is also the heart of the kitchen.

Where to put the chaos in the kitchen if you do not want to see it? This is where the idea of the retractable door cupboard comes into play. It does not only hide all the kitchen utensils but, at the same time it is an architectural eye-catcher in the room. The highlight: folding doors that open at tip-on touch and disappear to the side into the carcase when pushed gently. The beautiful about this is, that the interior can be used to create colour contrasts with the exterior, which means muted colours on the outside and striking colours on the inside - just as you like it. The retractable door cupboard can be ideally complemented on both sides with further tall units - in our case with a refrigerator where all the ingredients are already in place.

The integrated panel system – ensures a free work surface in the slide-in door cabinet. Here, the kitchen roll and fresh herbs have their fixed place and are directly accessible.

Making work in the kitchen easier – this is ensured by the clear division in the drawers and pull-outs. Thanks to the wooden and non-woven fabric interior, the necessary utensils can be found directly with one movement.


Another highlight is the trolley. It can take on several roles over the holidays. It serves as a practical kitchen aid for preparing the Christmas menu keeping bowls, spices and other utensils at hand. After cooking, it moves to the dining table to assist as a serving trolley. It is then converted again and serves as a mobile bar. Decorated for Christmas, it is sure to make a festive figure.


Inspiration for a sustainable christmas dinner

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