Christmas in the

The kitchen is a place that means conviviality and culinary delights, a place charged with emotion. Making it perfect for celebrating Christmas between the hustle and bustle and taking time to reflect.

Aromatic fragrances pervade the air, plates chink, laughter echoes through the kitchen bathed in candlelight. When Christmas knocks on the door, this is where much of life takes place. After all, part of Christmas Eve is also about tempting bites to eat. But also about much more: pleasure and closeness, tradition and feelings. And probably no other room in our home provides a better backdrop.

The kitchen in detail

It radiates calm and tranquillity, the purist kitchen in jaguar green which, in combination with the understated sideboards and retrained dining-room furniture, forms a fluent unit with living space.

Especially in winter, time of long evenings, a generous table is the meeting place for family and friends.

A kitchen gets a special character through apparent trivialities. A perfect symbiosis of function, design and emotion: Flex-boxes made of molded fabric for drawers and trains with a pleasant feel.

Practical storage space, precise workmanship and smart, well thought-out design: the pull-outs give a light look to the kitchen and create storage space for beautiful things – and small Chistmas secrets.

Functionality and design form a unit in next125 – whether in the kitchen or living area with sideboards or open pull-outs.

A word on decoration

Traditional decorative elements, like straw stars, evergreen sprays and gingerbread, break with the minimalism of the kitchen without appearing obtrusive.

How do you celebrate Christmas? Just upload images of your next125 Christmas moments with the hashtag #next125christmas – we will pick the most beautiful ones and publish it in our story.

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