Sarah & Maria

Experts from the fields of cooking and interior design

Star chef Sarah Henke and interior blogger Maria Villbrandt from Herz&Blut introduce themselves.

Sarah Henke

Star chef, Yoso Andernach

Who better to prepare a sustainable Christmas menu in three hours than Michelin chef Sarah Henke? That's why we brought her from her Andernach star restaurant Yoso directly into our next125 kitchen. She spoils her guests with the extraordinary flavours of Asia and has incorporated this into her sustainable Christmas composition. Besides the recipes of her delicious festive menu, she also shares some hacks for a sustainable Christmas and tells us what sustainability in the kitchen means to her.

Maria Villbrandt

Interior-Bloggerin of Herz & Blut

The blog Herz & Blut has been a fixture in the interior design scene for years and inspires more than 150,000 people on Instagram every day. We have brought this expertise to the table for our sustainable Christmas. Maria, who runs the blog together with her sister Jules, is our expert in table setting. She will reveal which materials and decorative elements she uses for the naturally designed festive table and what sustainability means to her in terms of decoration.

Inspiration for a sustainable christmas dinner


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