Less is more – natural materials

Decorating the table in a festive and sustainable way with natural materials – we will show you how.

Say goodbye to the idea that, for Christmas everything has to shine in red, gold or silver. Especially linen looks very noble if you choose muted colours. Take over the colour scheme for the other decorative elements such as tableware and candles. In this way, you create a harmonious overall picture.


Be creative when it comes to utilising other reusable materials as decorative elements. You are also welcome to look around for decorative material in the kitchen. For example, the peppercorns that beautify the napkins can be dried and ground after the feast.


It was also important for Maria to use tableware that is suitable for everyday use as well as for festive occasions. Therefore, when you buy tableware, you should opt for high-quality matierials and simple design – for, it does not always have to be the classic festive tableware! You can also use empty soya or other small bottles as an alternative to classic vases.

Inspiration from nature – berries and twigs from your own garden or forest are perfect as a hanging decorative element above the dining table.

Washable tablecloths and napkins are a matter, of course, for sustainable table design. Linen, for example, is casual and elegant at the same time and can be reused many times. This material can also be used for the napkins, creating a relaxed and casual look.

A simple but nice tip: the napkins are knotted and placed on the plates and decorated with fresh pepper – a great eye-catcher for the guests!

Storm lamps, preserving jars and other vessels such as soya bottles serve as showcases for atmospheric natural materials and can be used as unusual herbaria for a "greeting from the kitchen" in order to artfully stage them on the table. With this creative idea you can add an absolute "wow- factor" on the table!

Roots instead of flowers on the table – simply place a small tree with its roots freed of soil in a glass filled with water and place it on the table. After the meal, it can be planted directly in the garden.

Et voilà – a candle that spreads fine fragrances, a discreetly shining star and a bunch of garden shrubs in muted winter colours.

Tablesetting – interior blogger Maria (Herz&Blut) ensures a lasting wow effect in table decoration.

Inspiration for a sustainable christmas dinner


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