Sustainable Christmas

An original and contemplative Christmas season

How can you arrange the upcoming festive season in a sustainable way? We will show you how easily this can be done.

The kitchen becomes the absolute centre of the home, especially at Christmas time. This is where people cook, bake and decorate together. The challenge does not only start in the kitchen, but already in advance.


With the help of star chef Sarah Henke and interior blogger Maria Villbrandt we created a sustainable Christmas dinner for the whole family.

Sustainable Christmas – Just in time of the cold season, Markus Schüller invited the interior blogger Maria Villbrandt of “Herz&Blut“ and star chef Sarah Henke in order to conjure a sustainable winter dinner together.

Sustainability at Christmas

Professionals in the fields of cooking and decoration reply

Sarah Henke: Sustainability is more than buying products at the regional weekly market; it also means producing little or no waste. Other things that can be done wonderfully at Christmas are, for example, cooking on stock as well as a complete processing of the products.

Sarah Henke: To make cooking together a festive event at the same time, the whole family and friends can be involved to create a space for a communicative and creative process.

Maria Villbrandt (Herz & Blut): Less is more – this also applies in terms of decoration. For, a few selected home accessories are usually enough to create a cosy atmosphere in your own four walls without having to buy a lot of new things. We are sure that everyone will find beautiful materials and things at home that are perfect for a winter decoration.


You do not always have to buy new and extraordinary things to decorate the festive table in winter. This is why Maria tells us which components she uses to create an atmospheric and at the same time sustainable table setting.


"Carefully selected decorative elements are used for our Christmassy decorated table. A festive look is created by various twigs and berries from the garden. For the table itself, you do not need very much: a high-quality tablecloth and napkins made of fine materials, minimalist candleholders and timeless porcelain. All of this in matching colours creates an elegant appearance and invites you to stay".

Christmas menu

Serving a duck in three different variations: from the roasted breast to the soup, up to the filling of the Wontons – each part is used and prepared in a different way. Sarah shows how easy and responsible holistic processing can be.




The perfect place for a Christmas dinner? The kitchen – this is not only where people cook, but also a place where life is celebrated – a place where delights for all senses are created.

The kitchen

The pre-Christmas period brings us more and more cooking evenings together; the kitchen becomes the central meeting point where, of course, everyone helps. Preparing a dinner for the family – or friends – often ends up being stressful for many people. This does not have to be the case: We counter the material battle in the kitchen. The original and contemplative for us, is in the foreground.


"Reflect on the important things in life, neither get addicted to stress nor consumption - that's what Christmas should be about."

– Markus Schüller, CEO SALES / Marketing

Inspiration for a sustainable christmas dinner


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