A sweet dessert with seasonal vegetables

Fresh & seasonal

In this recipe we combined diverse but quite harmonizing flavors with each other.

Strolling through the charming aisles of the market, quite a few things ended up in their shopping bag: apples, cream cheese, apple juice, kale, lemon balm, and a sweet dessert wine. With the full bags, we took the market haul Kitchen Stories office and created a delicious, seasonal dessert topped with kale.


Apple compote with oatmeal crunch, cream cheese, and kale chips


The fruit that make this dish shine

Hovering over the food stand of Beet & Baum, the search for crisp apples did not take long. The different types of apples in this recipe have two functions: Firm Wellant apples add texture to the compote and their tartness is a welcome counterpart to the caramelized sugar, while the more mealy Boskoop apples help bind everything together. Then there’s the flavorful Carola apple juice from Märkische Schweiz, which adds another fruity dimension to the dessert.


The topping: Vegetables

The whole thing gets topped with a crunchy kale chip, an unlikely but very special ingredient. Mixed with some neutral vegetable oil and powdered sugar, this glowing winter vegetable turns into something light and crisp – the perfect garnish on our jammy compote.


It’s all in the cheese!

Because the apples are naturally sweet and sour, we needed something to counter that. We caramelized oats to provide a bit of texture and sweet accents, but the main star here is cream cheese. We sourced theirs from the Alten Milch counter, and its rich creaminess softens the flavors of the apples. Each component really guides you through the different flavors at play.


The finishing touches

To finish the dish we referred to Werner and his wide selection of fresh herbs at Markthalle Neun. His herb of choice? Lemon balm. These small green leaves not only provide a delightful citrus aroma, but are nice splashes of color on the compote. Paired with a dessert wine from Monsieur Collard, it’s time to sit back and enjoy this delicious dish!

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