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True to the motto #supportyourlocalbusinesse, we have decided not to leave Germany this time and to stay “at home”. We are going to visit Berlin’s best weekly market.

Nestled between convenience stores and snack bars, located in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the iconic Kreuzberg district, not far from Görlitzer Park and Oberbaum Bridge, sits the infamous Markthalle Neun. Even if it looks slightly insignificant from the outside, the Markthalle is one of the most popular points of attraction of Berlin’s food scene.


The market opened its doors for the first time during the potato revolution in the 19th century and was later severely damaged during World War II, forcing it to shut down and remain closed, while renovations took place. When it was finally restored, the space was sold and reopened as the market we know today. Today, is impossible to imagine Berlin without this institution.

To Market We Go Berlin – In the video, Lea and Christian show the diversity of products, the different stalls offer at Markthalle Neun. Each food stall displays an assortment of artisanal products that highlight the artistry of producing food. You can definitely taste it!

Just like Berlin, the city where Markthalle Neun is located, is has become an iconic place because of all its rough edges. Many people cannot imagine a better market for their city. Markthalle Neun is loud, cheeky, often political, always cosmopolitan, and fiercely honest.


In recent years, it has gained more attraction with its weekly hosted events, like the colorful Street Food Thursdays or the Breakfast Market on Sundays. Many Berliners, not only neighborhood locals, come here regularly to discover the latest food trends and gorge on any special cravings. Even the city’s best chefs come to Markthalle Neun to buy regional and seasonal produce for their kitchens.

The Markthalle dedicates itself to the equal and respectful treatment of all people, animals, and the environment—with a spotlight on regional and seasonal foods. Alongside local artisans, you’ll find a wide variety of food vendors—a reflection of the diverse food cultures in Berlin. There is always something new to discover and indulge in, and yet, there’s an essential quality that has been with the market since its inception: It’s a meeting place that’s open to everyone.

The vibrant beat of city life can be felt all around. Cafe 9, which sits at the entrance to the market, sees hundreds of people streaming in and out every day. Markthalle Neun is now not only a meeting place, but also a source of inspiration for countless Berliners, who visit the market for creative cooking ideas, as well as meeting the new generation of young vendors and the liberal and relaxed atmosphere.

Our guide: Lea

Lea has been working for Markthalle Neun for more than three years is the perfect guide for our tour. She not only knows every stall and the products, but also the people and stories behind the counters, giving us a closer look at the people who bring the market to life.

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