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A house is not automatically a home. As Marie and Peter are aware of this fact, they have furnished their rooms consciously and with a lot of love for the detail. 


Table & Bench

The big  inviting table with suitable bench is the epitome of getting together. Whether used for eating, playing, working or chatting – it is the right place for every activity.



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Josie is certain: – "This is my favourite place for painting."


"Our trolley is a real hero for every day. When I am working in the kitchen, I just place it next to me so that I have quick access to spices and oils. When we have guest, it is also often used diferently, for example as a serving or bar trolley.  If it is not needed, you can just hide it under the cooking table",  Marie says enthousiastically. However, these are not the only advantages of the kitchen helper. 


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What Marie especially likes about the sideboard in ruby red is the combination of cool and simple. The piece of furniture creates a perfect link between the kitchen and the dining area and offers lots of storage space for table decoration and tableware. But not only the interior equipment is convincing. Among others, the filigree legs provide a homely character and authentic design. Another eyecatcher: the wooden pull-outs that mixe up the cubic fronts. Furthermore, the sideboard is an ideal storage area in order to stage Marie's favourite decoration pieces.  


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The right selection and  positioning of decorative pieces are the icing on the cake. For this, Marie has also  invested lots of time and effort as she told us. For her, it was important to limit herself to few obects and provide them enough place so that they can come into full effect. Some plants in different pots, modern design statements and figures  as well as discreet paintings in wooden frames. You do not need more. We think: the result is quite good. 


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