The Coffee story

Interview with "The coffee man"

A man who set out to roast the best coffee and in doing so discovered a passion for old espresso machines. Aydin Kirici in front of a vintage portafilter machine in his historic industrial location, Bazzar Caffè.

Where do the coffee beans come from?

Aydin Kirici: Coffee grows in 62 or 63 countries around the world. And each country has various growing areas and locations. The coffee plant can basically be considered like a grape vine. It depends on the mineral content of the soil and whtere the coffee bean grows – whether it gets a lot of sun or not much sun. That’s what decides the quality at the end of the day.

How do you actually get onto the subject of coffee?

Enthousiasme, passie, liefde voor het product – koffie is een speciaal product. Daartoe behoren veel verschillende parameters, die op elkaar afgestemd moeten worden om een perfect resultaat te bereiken – als je het goed wil doen. Natuurlijk lukt dat niet met van die druk-op-de-knop-machines.

How important is the roasting process?

Aydin Kirici: The roasting itself is actually the most important component. And this is where the roasting profile really matters: how long you roast for, what temperature you roast at, and which temperature you use when. And above all, cooling the roast is very, very crucial.


Do you collect old espresso machines?

Aydin Kirici: That’s my collector’s passion! Seek and ye shall find! You can find machines anywhere and everywhere. Espresso machines have been around for more than 100 years now, and 90 % of my collection comes from Italy. In some cases I drove around the villages and bought them up on the spot. There’s a brisk collectors’ market for them nowadays.

Is it possible to make good coffee at home without being a barista?

Aydin Kirici: Well, very many people nowadays can make significantly better coffee at home than 90 % of caterers. Anyone who loves coffee and, I could say, has a mechanical bent, can get into it and will soon get the hang of it.


What makes your coffee so good?

Aydin Kirici: There are five components: most important are the best raw beans, then the roasting, the roasting profile, and then the appropriate equipment and the human being.

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