Campaign kitchen

The next125 campaign is one of a kind: rare breeds of farm animals regularly explore the ultra-modern kitchens – embedded at all times in an ambience steeped in character. The campaign motif stands out with a most unusual slant on planning that places the cooking table at the centre of activity.

The kitchen

Taking centre stage, the next125 statement cooking table provides the captivating focus of this unique kitchen formation. Through the combination of velvety black Fenix surface material with anti-fingerprint coating – also used on fronts, worktops, side panels as well as recess – and the distinctive NX 650 front in larch smoked brushed which also features in the tall unit. Equally as practical as elegant: the onyx black recess panel with integrated panel garden that instantly keeps herbs or spices at arm's reach.


next125 cooking table

As the centre of the kitchen and of life, the table represents the essential: family, friends and enjoyment. The combination of food preparation and cooking with the convivial gathering of friends and family inspired next125 designers to develop and design a cooking table that redefines the kitchen culture. The resulting cooking island is functional purism in striking perfection, whose special charisma lies in its uncompromising clarity.

87.5 cm carcase height

The carcase height for more design appeal also provides more storage space. Even though the new reduced plinth height of 5 cm has been introduced for design reasons, it is naturally a welcome effect to gain room for an additional drawer, i.e. additional storage space. A further aspect is the homely feel of the low plinth. The discreet plinth itself gives the impression of a shadow gap, underscoring the cubic style of the entire kitchen block.

next125 cube

The principle of order as an expression of consummate aesthetics: next125 cube. Organised, enclosed and tidy, that's our message. Modular Cubes underscore character oozing with aesthetic appeal.

single line

The single line front look makes an elegant entry thanks to reduced lines. The result is a front image that can be seen as a further development of an even clearer design style, more consistent lines and a more objective reduction. This option is limited to just one horizontal grip ledge profile below the worktop that is used for opening the first drawer or pull-out. The drawers/pull-outs below them are opened by means of the mechanical TIP-ON drawer/pull-out opening system. The result is a reduced front appearance with aesthetic appeal.

next125 panel garden

What can be better than using fresh herbs to cook with? We have developed a solution just for this: the panel garden with integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer – this makes particular sense in darker parts of the kitchen. The lighting is controlled by a timer that leaves the light on for 14 hours and then switches it off for 10 hours. This way, you always have fresh herbs to hand and don't need to go to the market as often. The panel garden is also available without illumination, providing the herbs receive sufficient daylight.


Fenix front NX 870 is available in 3 colours. Solid-core Fenix is made by compressing many layers of laminate to produce a panel 4 mm thick. The contemporary design, available in onyx black, alpine white and mocha brown, extends an invitation to touch and feel at ease.




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The campaign

Featured at the centre of the new campaign motif is the next125 cooking table set in the contrasting ambience and environment of an old mill and, providing emotional appeal, juxtaposed with farm animals – this time three adorable Bavarian calves.

The motif was created at a 16th century Black Forest farm, once a working flour and saw mill. The old Förberhof farm enters a sharply contrasting yet, at the same time, harmonious liaison with the modern next125 kitchen in onyx black Fenix combined with larch veneer. Staged in the presence of the three calves, the kitchen island takes on a highly authentic look that is filled with life.


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Design awards

The appealing charisma of the "animal" protagonists underscores the award-winning kitchen design. The cooking table, next125 cube, the 87.5 cm carcase height: next125 regularly attracts awards from prominent design juries. Particularly "fresh": the panel garden gets the ICONIC AWARD: innovative Interior "Best of Best". Hooked onto the recess panel profiles on the splashback, the herb garden perfectly complements the kitchen's elegant look.

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