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Passion for indulgence, combined with an appetite for high-quality kitchen design.

Mustard Kitchen

Mixture with a kick – fronts in saffron yellow satin, subtly balanced with a pinch of wood and marble, add spice to everyday kitchen life and whet the appetite for exotic taste creations – a red Thai curry with chicken, for example.

Pepper Kitchen

When special guests announce they're coming, there's every good reason to give the menu more of an exclusive twist! Dark fronts and mood lighting set the perfect scene for quick-grilled salmon with tangy nectarine salsa.

Salt Kitchen

Light glass and warm wood deliver the ideal backdrop for simple, down-to-earth dishes: moist rhubarb crumble is simply irresistible and evokes childhood memories – when summer would never seem to end!

Mehr Inspiration

Starting out life as a recipe app, Kitchen Stories is now available on a many different platforms and enjoys tremendous success worldwide. This where amateur chefs and foodies will find a wealth of great recipes, practical kitchen tips as well as informative articles covering all aspects of eating and dining. In a very easy way, users are provided with high-quality videos or step-by-step photo sequences showing cooking instructions that guide them on the way to creating the perfect cooking experience.

NX 500 – Red Thai curry with chicken

NX 870 – Oven-baked salmon with nectarine salsa

NX 902 – Rhubarb crumble cake

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We asked Markus Schüller, Managing Director of Schüller Möbelwerk KG, and the founders of Kitchen Stories, Mengting Gao and Verena Hubertz, to reveal what makes the partnership between both companies so special.

Mr Schüller, why made you decide to work together with Kitchen Stories?
Markus Schüller: Perfection in the kitchen is the aim that both Kitchen Stories as well as we at Schüller pursue in our day-to-day business. A cooperation partnership harbours synergies that are extremely efficient and enriching for both sides, making it a logical step.


How important are cooking and enjoyment for you?
Markus Schüller: For me, both are inextricably linked! The key to making cooking a pleasure and a joy is a kitchen that is tailored to an individual's needs. Because this is where more happens than anywhere else: it is the liveliest place in the home – a place where friends and family meet.


Do you personally also like to cook?
Markus Schüller: Apart from when something occasionally makes my blood boil, I like to stand at the stove myself and cook my favourite dish. I also get things cleared up again after eating which, of course, pleases my family no end...

You work with kitchens every day. What does your own kitchen look like?
Markus Schüller: We currently have an open kitchen with a cooking island, great for communication. Despite its handleless, reduced look, the kitchen is incredibly practical, perfect for everyday use – important when you've got two children! At the moment, we are in the middle of planning a new kitchen, looking forward to innovative surface materials, practical storage-space aspects, newly devised interior organisers and a host of practical functions.



Mengting and Verena, you produce your videos in three different next125 kitchens. Which of them is your personal favourite and why?

Verena Hubertz: My favourite is the Mustard kitchen. The cooking table from next125 is simply cult, a real eye-catcher! And the combination of saffron yellow base units and light surfaces is amazingly dynamic.

Mengting Gao: I prefer the open, light Salt kitchen with cooking island and highlights in wood because it perfectly combines the living spaces of kitchen and living-room.

Were you yourselves also in front of the camera when Kitchen Stories started? How did the success story all start?
Mengting Gao: Before we started, we initially cooked the first 100 recipes on a trial basis in our first flat share. We worked with professional chefs right from the start who developed recipes for us and stood in front of the camera for video shoots. As we didn't have any show kitchens of our own at that time, we drove specially to Brandenburg and used a holiday home there. And, of course, we got involved as well: "Me, as a hand model on photos, and Verena helping with preparing and busy washing up!

What is your biggest motivation?
Verena Hubertz: We want to motivate everyone, amatuer chefs at home or beginners, to prepare tasty dishes in their own kitchen and constantly try out new ones! We are driven by the vision of setting up the first global food platform that suggests the right recipes to users and accompanies them through the cooking process with videos and pictures of each step. The question that motivates us: how can we use new technologies to make the cooking process even simpler?

Where do you think is the difference between a good dish and a fantastic one?
Mengting Gao: A good dish is fun to prepare, tastes great and is easy to cook and always works, even for beginners. A fantastic dish, too, has everything that makes a good recipe. It also appeals to the emotions, it's a true experiences, creating unique moments of indulgence you always like to think back to. For us, moments like these come about when perfectly balanced recipes meet high-quality ingredients and passionate (home) chefs.


What are your favourite recipes?
Mengting Gao: Manhattan Cheesecake.

Verena Hubertz: Red Thai curry with chicken.

Markus Schüller: Ooh, that's a difficult one! I am very open-minded about international cuisine and, every now and again, like to try out a country's typical dishes or regional fare. But if I had to choose a favourite recipe, it would be Franconian onion tart, preferably with a drop of chilled Riesling. Being quick and easy to prepare, it leaves plenty of time for enjoyment. But a hearty cordon bleu with cranberries and fried potatoes is, of course, also hard to beat...


next125 is at home in the small Bavarian town of Herrieden – Kitchen Stories in the capital, Berlin. But how does this contrast go together?
Verena Hubertz: Kitchen Stories and next125 have much in common: on the one hand, of course, the passion for cooking because, although digitally inspired, cooking is nonetheless done "offline". At the same time, both brands attach tremendous importance to premium content and high-quality design. But we also share an international focus. Although we have our headquarters in Germany, we are, so to speak, active across the globe.

Markus Schüller: Even though next125 and Kitchen Stories contrast greatly in terms of geography, we are united by our common values: on the one hand, we are down-to-earth and share a huge passion for cooking – both companies have always remained true to themselves over the years. Nevertheless, both brands are ardent about innovations, high-quality products and providing perfect services. And, admittedly, have been successful and grown a little over the recent years...

Mr. Schüller, you often speak of "typical Schüller". Is a cooperation partnership of this type also "typical"?
Markus Schüller: We at Schüller like to go new ways and think outside the box – as such, matters of the kitchen and cooking are inextricably linked. We want to carry on growing in the digital domain and, with Kitchen Stories, a major player in the digital premium environment, have a perfect partner at our side. This partnership provides the ideal platform for high-quality story-telling in the social media domain.

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