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The designers of next125 give an insight into their work and talk about the development of new products.

Design statements

For us, it is not about designing beautiful kitchens, rather about creating living spaces that function. The fraternisation of design and function was, in effect, the approach to our designing the NX 620. Clearly reduced to the essential, but full of wellorganised interiors. What matters most to us is that the kitchen should accommodate and support the architecture of the room. The deliberate contrast of ruby red to the black wood veneer of the functional high cabinets in particular radiates emotion and turns the kitchen into a spatial body. The tall units facing the windows conceal a number of functions behind the retractable doors that can only be seen when being used.

next125 cube – the onyx black cubes hanging on a panel create space for everything

The hob – The hob set flush into the worktop, with a consciously integrated extractor provides headroom and leaves the view free.

next125 sliding door unit – we took inspiration from vehicle designs. The idea: floating sliding doors similar to the side door on a van.

When we think about kitchens, the experiences that people have in their kitchens are at the heart of our thinking. Which functions make sense, what offers benefits and what is technically possible.

Theo Albrecht, Head of Product-Development

Thinking about

The kitchen has simply everything: function and aesthetics – and that is all that counts. Apparent trivialities in particular, such as our Flex Boxes in the drawers, awaken the interest in functional design. What interests us in the future is the transition from kitchen to living room in particular. As a first element, we have designed sideboards that stand light-footed on a constructive metal architecture. The first step in the direction of the living room.

next125 Flex boxes – flexible in use and very stable at the same time

next125 Sideboard – the transition from kitchen to living room.

For me, kitchen design for next125 means: the combination of authentic materials with a timeless, elegant style reduced to the essential. We thus want to create kitchens that are style-setting, and that also remain so for a long time.

Thomas Pfister, Head of Product-Design

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