Campaign story

It‘s that time again – a new campaign motif is coming up. As ever, with animal models and a kitchen scene set in an authentic, special environment.

The location

Even the journey out to our scouted country location was exciting. The destination entered into our navigation system showed a small track off the road. Whether or not we would make it there, was a thought that accompanied us on our journey. It was winter, but luckily, there wasn‘t much snow on the ground. And there it stands, in a remote side valley in the mountains: the Förberhof, built around 1550, at a time when Emperor Karl the Fifth summoned the Reichstag to Augsburg, and China was ruled by the Ming dynasty. At that time, the farm was a mill and sawmill at the same time, and even now, every nook and cranny still breathes the spirit of that time. It is here, in this secluded setting that reeks of history and stories, that our new next125 campaign motif was to be created.

The kitchen

Is it the echoes of the sawmill or simply the authenticity of the location that made the new wood veneer Larch smoked brushed the star of the show? And, as in earlier times, the table is the centrepiece of the kitchen, newly interpreted as a cooking table. Today, it takes on a communicative function, as a meeting point for everybody and everything.

The stars

„I‘ll bring your models along tomorrow at 10 a.m. They are called Selmchen, Enno and Ursel.“ said the neighbouring dairy farmer. „Three Allgäu calves, the best looking of them all“ – he states. The shoot progresses as if our models have never done anything else.

The result

Everything went well – just that afterwards we still smelt a little of our models ...

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