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The Family

Marie, Peter & Josie

In the heart of Scandinavia, Marie, Peter and Josie have found a perfect location. 


Through the use of plenty of wood and big windows, the newly built two-storey terrace house appears very open, comfortable and cosy. "A natural and harmonious home is very important for us and for Josie", says Marie about her family home. Peter nods approvingly adding: "There are local kindergartens and schools which can be reached without a car." Sustainability is important to them, even if the implementation in everyday life is not that simple. But in this respect, the couple's motto pays off: "living a relaxed life and staying relaxed".

Also other parts of daily life are caracterised by simplicity and a laid-back feeling. Marie says: "We just feel at ease here and enjoy the big amount of space which everybody can use according to his or her needs."


This way, Peter can satisfy his passion for music. Because, whenever he has time, he combs his record collection and makes sure, the house is filled with the right sound. Marie, on the other hand, has a big interest in furnishing and decoration  – and owns an impressing number of books on this topic. Peter laughs: "They are spread all over the house." 


Marie and Peter say:

"Living a relaxed life and staying relaxed."

Often, the smallest member of the family paints while sitting at the big dining table or invites her friends to play in the garden. The orchard which is located close to the house is full of apple trees and a perfect place to play and have fun. Marie looks at Josie and Peter smilingly and says: "Finding our house has been an absolute stroke of luck." 


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