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Visiting Alina Bebrout

Tradition with an innovative twist – that's the motto of the 28-year-old. We visit her in her classy little restaurant in Ulm.

The restaurant

When you enter Alina Bebrout‘s classy little restaurant you cannot help but sense what a warm and open-hearted person the 28-year-old proprietress is. A place which, many years ago, was once a butchery. The old tiles on the wall or the listed ceiling fresco depicting heads of cows, it all exudes individual personality while still creating a modern look in its own subtle way. There‘s no question, it‘s all very easy-going here. The staff in service, as young as Alina, tremendously dedicated, this is something guests feel when they open the door and are shown to their seat. The lovingly set tables make you feel as if you‘re visiting good friends. Even more astonishing is Alina‘s kitchen when you see its three square metres as the total amount of space she works wonders in.


The cook

After leaving school, Munich-born Alina started to let her creativity run wild and discovered her passion for cooking. Subsequent milestones followed, such training with a gourmet chef in the Allgäu region, then some time in a Tyrolean mountain chalet as a complete contrast, and a couple of years in Mallorca, for some sun. All about finding myself, she says. It was through her best friend that she came to Ulm, the city with the tallest church spire in the world, and immediately fell in love with the place where she worked for two years as a sous-chef. But because her favourite place is the kitchen, she wanted one of her own. This is how the idea was born to become a host herself and turn her own ideas into reality at the stove.

Haute cuisine being rather more of a man‘s world – "True, as a woman you do need to be tough, but you mustn‘t take everything from many a cooking macho too much to heart. The advantage women have in the kitchen is, that they are perhaps more self-critical and sometimes rethink things, unlike self-confident men. It gets a lot of motivation to become even better and better from the feedback my guests give me, and from the collegiality of my team."

The dishes


The best way of getting to know Alina is to try her sophisticated dishes, her inquisitiveness is enormous and never-ending. This is why every day has a new menu, reflecting what‘s available on the market, purchased on the spur of the moment, as she puts it. "Makes a lot of work, but has the advantage of being able to try out new things all the time and, even if guests come in every day, nothing is repeated."

"What tastes good need to look good when on the plate. Visual appearance is the first thing guests perceive, and what‘s important to me here: fresh herbs and greenery. Everything sensitive, well-balanced, full of character, with the product taking centre stage. No food ikebana, those days have gone. Outstanding cuisine is not a matter of fashion but of identity. It should always reflect the cook and the location.“


- Alina Bebrout -

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