Savoury strudel

Inspired by Burgenland

A traditional dish with exceptional ingredients


The savoury cabbage strudel on a creamy potato fond. What is really special is the filling –smoked tofu in combination with white cabbage lend the strudel an aromatic, smoky touch. The fruity note of the black walnuts chosen for the topping, round out the flavour.


Savoury strudel with potato fond and black walnuts

To the recipe

The ingredients of the strudel dough can be combined best into a homogenous mixture using a wooden spoon. This way, the hands remain clean also.


Remove the stalk of the white cabbage and afterward cut the cabbage into halves. If it is lying straightly on the cutting board, it can be cut easier.


The tofu and the shallots are then diced and mixed with white cabbage in the hot oil. The tofu should not fry too long because it easily gets dry. As soon as the roast aromas have been allowed to develop during roasting, add a little white wine to the filling of the strudel.


The strudel dough is rolled out paper thin, coated with melted butter, filled and rolled. Afterwards, the strudel is shaped into a U, put on a baking tray and coated with butter again. This way, it becomes especially crispy.


After approx. 35 minutes, the strudel is ready and can be served on a creamy potato fond with black walnuts as a topping. Enjoy!


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