Storing & sorting

The reduced exterior of the next125 kitchen sets particular demands on its interior. To ensure that the exterior order continues wherever the eye does not always see, next125 offers modern and innovative solutions for storage and sorting.

NEW! Frame

There are few instances where the principle that “Form follows function” is implemented as literally as with next125 Frame. The design combines flexible organisation, perfect ergonomics and effective lighting to create a unique kitchen experience. The light source is located at the heart of the action and illuminates everything beautifully. Six organisational elements can be flexibly combined to create custom designs. To this end, nine widths ranging from 30 cm to 100 cm are available, all with a depth of 13 cm. What makes the frame particularly special is that it comes with two types of lighting: linear LED light bands or flat lighting equipment. Anyone who doesn’t want or need a light can equip the frame with other materials.

FRAME – The approach here is not to hide everything away, but to keep it ready at hand.

next125 cube

A real niche product

It makes work in the kitchen so much easier and quicker. Everything is instantly on hand. Practical solutions. Design meets function. The influence resulting from years of  experience with professional chefs can be felt with the very first use. Kitchen roll to wipe up  the mess – right there. The vegetable knife in the knife block - right there. China bowls in various sizes and practical shelves as storage space. Even spices, wooden spoons, olive oil and fresh basil – everything is within easy reach – next125 cube brings everything you need for daily cooking right where it's needed. Even notes and recipes are no longer forgotten, because next125 cube simply takes care of everything. Black on black is the new subject. Avoiding hard contrasts and creating harmonious combinations. In order to fulfil this zeitgeist, the profiles and cubes of the recess panel system are now also available in aluminium onyx black in addition to the aluminium stainless steel version.

next125 cube in onyx black and panel garden with integrated lighting – what can be better than using fresh herbs to cook with? We have developed a solution just for this: The panel garden with integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer – this makes particular sense in darker parts of the kitchen.

next125 cube

cube_01_Kitchen rolls

Optimal access to the hidden roll even when the door is close


Space-saving: 5 stackable china cups (dishwasher proof)

cube_05_Knife block

Within reach or tidy: With 2 inserts for 3 knives each

cube_06_Rack with hooks

Always accessible nevertheless invisible: 4 hooks for kitchen tools and even more

cube_08_Vinegar and oil

Bottles easily accessible. Equipped with two stainless steel bottom shelves

cube_21_Bottle rack

Decorative in natural oak, suitable for 5 wine bottles

cube_30_Picture frame

One frame, 2 possibilities: Usable as a picture frame or as a memo board

cube_44_Knife block

Beautiful protection: 6 knives securely find their place


Practical: Suspended board with high porcelain cup (dishwasher proof)

cube_47_Storage shelf

Vinegar and oil always in view and quickly within reach


Real wood and made from moulded nonwoven material


The practical Flex-Boxes of real wood are tailored precisely to the next125 units are extremely versatile and highly flexible. They can be stacked and moved around, and accommodate every last item. There is still plenty of room for pots and pans in the gaps that are created between the Flex-Boxes. When it comes to organizing and sorting, Flex-Boxes are also immensely useful in wall units and tall units.

A new idea for our drawers and pull-outs: our Flex-Boxes made from moulded nonwoven material. The soft non-woven material has a pleasant feel and softens the noises made by cutlery, kitchen utensils or china. There are 7 moulded nonwoven inserts that can be combined in any way to form an interior: cutlery insert, cooking utensil insert, knife block insert, small nonwoven box, large nonwoven box, lid for large nonwoven box, plate rack and additional anti-slip mats. The Flex-Boxes in oak can be combined ideally with the Flex-Boxes made from moulded nonwoven material as both types are coordinated in size. The Flex-Boxes made from moulded nonwoven material can be cleaned by vacuuming them, wiping them (with a damp cloth) or, if heavily soiled, by washing them in the dishwasher on an Eco 45 °C cycle.



Intelligent und variable

The intelligent, variable organizer system in elegant warm natural oak organises all kitchen utensils. Extra narrow frames, designed with clean lines, and a concealed under-base guide continue the cubist kitchen concept. Despite their feather-light operation, the pull-outs and drawers – for which a large range of functional inserts are available – are extremely strong.


Drawer with kitchen roll

Kitchen roll for 3 rolls, 2 porcelain bowls and 4 napkin rings

Drawer with trivet for pans

Maple cutting board with trivet for pans, 2 porcelain bowls and 4 napkin rings

Drawer with knife block

High quality knife block-set with 2 porcelain bowls

Pull-out with lid holder

Pots can be stacked easily. Lids find hold and no longer chatter

Pull-out with perforated plate

The perforated plate allows for individual placement of the separating strips

Drawer with spices

12 spice jars are supplemented by 4 square porcelain bowls

Glass front for internal drawer and pull-out – Provides a glimpse of the interior and transforms the internal drawers and pull-outs into elegant, eye-catching pieces for anyone who opens them.


Versatile and innovative

The next125 equipment range features a wide variety of high-quality storage solutions. Thanks to modern technology and innovative solutions, these are equipped for the demands of the everyday. For example, the self-closing mechanism makes opening the full pull-outs particularly smooth and quiet. Well thought-out modules such as the tiered pull-out tall unit simplify the storage of provisions.


LE MANS corner base unit
Sink base unit with pullouts/ sink pull-outs
Sink base unit with 4-part waste sorting
Equipment with variable magnetic multi-box
Haulier for upper inernal drawer
Integrated multi-purpose slicer
Integrated scales
Ovenware pull-out
Counter flap
N-MOVE Single
N-MOVE Double
Baking sheet holder
Tall-unit with internal pull-outs
Pull-out larder unit
Tiered pull-out larder unit
Larder unit for bottle crates
Wardrobe tall unit
Pull-out base unit
Pull-out base unit for cooking utensils

Flexible in colour, material and form

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