NX 912 / NX 505

Glass matt agate grey / Cognac satin

Room to breathe: with its matt glass surfaces in agate grey and the L shape that leaves room for a generous dining area, the kitchen exudes a comfortable feel. 


A gas fireplace and the bookshelf that is integrated into the kitchen front underline the kitchen's homely character. Details make the difference: the open shelf forms a contrast with the closed fronts, handleless surfaces are combined with attractive cut-out finger pulls, calm colours create a perfect contrast to the bold tones like, for example, the cognac-coloured unit and the petrol-coloured tiles which lend the room a sense of strenght.



Handleless, floor-to-ceiling tall units offer plenty of space and also the interior equipment is optimally tailored to cooking. Appliances integrated at height, such as a refrigerator that opens when pressed or a hand-height dishwasher that responds to knocking, are not gimmicks, they create a tranquil, handleless look.



Videos about next125 highlight handles

A great idea for drawers and pull-outs: internal partitions made of moulded non-woven material. The soft material is pleasant to the touch and absorbs the noise of kitchen utensils. Oak Flex-Boxes complement them perfectly. The result is carefully devised organisation for everything you need to access. Functionality at its finest.


The retractable fan sits under the wall unit and disappears again after use. As an added bonus, the extractor can be used to create sophisticated colour contrasts. The elegant Systemo worktop, which finishes off the base units like a wafer-thin line. This effect is further enhanced by the undermount sink with its matt tap. The result is an ensemble of timeless beauty.



High gloss or satinated fronts of 3 mm thick toughened white glass. Rear side fully lacquered and with a 16 mm thick wood-based material panel affixed. The glass edge is protected with an all-round decorative edge covering. The light reflects and refracts in the high-quality surface, with impressive effects.


NX 902 / NX 912

Real glass

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