NX 510 / NX 640

Sahara beige matt velvet AFP / Elegant oak pearl grey

Less is more. Bare walls, concrete galore and an interior with almost no doors create freedom and provide the necessary air to breathe. For maximum effect, the kitchen is integrated into the space with an open-plan design.

The monochrome cooking island seems to almost float on its legs. With its handleless design, it is like a minimalistic block in the room. Behind it is a tall unit with retractable doors, which stylishly conceals the other kitchen appliances and gives the room the desired peaceful feel when closed.


Tall unit with a retractable door – This not only conceals the kitchen but also provides an eye-catching architectural feature within the room.

If you’re a hunter and collector with a penchant for beautiful things, then you can build up quite a hoard over time. In such cases, glass display units are the perfect solution. They can be used to present all of your treasures free of dust and you can retain a clear picture of what you possess. Of course, you can also just use them to store glasses and crockery for everyday use, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.

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Durable and silky soft

The fronts, produced with a great deal of care in several work processes and coated with transparent matt lacquer are particularly durable thanks to the several coats of lacquer. They also feel silky soft.

NX 510


NX 510 L162M

Alpine white matt velvet

NX 510 L092M

Crystal white matt velvet

NX 510 L102M

White matt velvet

NX 510 L212M

Sand grey matt velvet

NEW NX 510 L202M

Sahara beige matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L122M

Crystal grey matt velvet

NX 510 L237M

Stone grey matt

NX 510 L277M

Agate grey matt velvet

NEW NX 510 L142M

Cobalt green matt velvet AFP

NEW NX 510 L292M

Indian red matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L492M

Mocha brown matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L187M

Onyx black matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L192M

Lava black matt velvet AFP

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