NX 510 / NX 505

Onyx black matt velvet AFP / Indian red matt velvet AFP / Misty blue satin

An atmosphere full of sophistication and individuality and lots of storage space: that‘s the kitchen with fronts in expressive Indian red subtly refreshed by a hint of misty blue.

The spacious, open planning which blur the boundaries between the kitchen and the living space make you feel good. The cubic island with integrated bar that defines the architecture of the room and at the same time is visually unobtrusive forms the centre of the kitchen.


If there is something all vintage enthusiasts need, it is space. The floor-to-ceiling bookcase with an eye-catching display unit in the middle offers room for an abundance of items. The backlit ‘framewall’ dazzlingly displays everything you put in it.

next125 toll unit with retractable doors – perfect for those who appreciate order

The recess shelf next125 Frame offers space for working and storing in the recess. With its indirect illumination, it is also a perfect place for atmospheric arrangements and presentations. The subtle lighting system displays favourite kitchen utensils in a homely atmosphere and is the perfect combination of flexible storage, ideal ergonomics and effective lighting. 

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The spacious wardrobe unit is the ideal solution for neatly storing the widest range of items. It also offers a clear design statement. The unit provides the perfect compartments for all those things you don’t always want on view. From shoes, coats and jackets to cleaning products or items for the recycling. The illuminated recess in a contrasting colour softens the geometry and acts as a practical shelf.



High-quality lacquered fronts produced in several work processes, making them extremely durable. They are distinguished by brilliant colours and a soft, rich feel.

NX 510

Matt velvet lacquer

NX 510 L162M

Alpine white matt velvet

NX 510 L092M

Crystal white matt velvet

NX 510 L102M

White matt velvet

NEW NX 510 L202M

Sahara beige matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L212M

Sand grey matt velvet

NX 510 L122M

Crystal grey matt velvet

NX 510 L237M

Stone grey matt

NX 510 L277M

Agate grey matt velvet

NEW NX 510 L142M

Cobalt green matt velvet AFP

NEW NX 510 L292M

Indian red matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L492M

Mocha brown matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L187M

Onyx black matt velvet AFP

NX 510 L192M

Lava black matt velvet AFP

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