NX 505

Saffron yellow satin / Tobacco knotty oak, brushed

What an appearance! The kitchen block with the elegant horizontal bar allows guests to share in the cooking processing, turning the act of cooking into a sensouous experience. In particular, the positive radiance of saffron yellow represents the feeling of eternal summer.

The sunny look and velvety feel of the satin lacquered surfaces delight the senses, and speak a language of charm and understated elegance. It is good to know that the high-quality lacquer is produced on an eco-friendly water basis: this means enjoyment and indulgence with a clear conscience!


The planning is supported by an open shelf unit that divides the room while allowing insights. The technology is hidden away inside a tall unit with retractable doors. Special feature: the classic mixer tap that underscores the cult character of the next125 kitchen.



This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV curing not only meets high ecological demands, but is also highly durable and resilient. The velvety matt, lightly textured finish makes the front very easy to care for. Satin lacquer is available in many colours.

NX 500

Satin lacquer

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