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Innovations 2022

From colours and fronts to pioneering elements: the new products are solution-oriented and meaningful, blending seamlessly into the next125 design philosophy and so into the kitchen and living area, following the principle of “variety through consistency”. You can look forward to a multitude of changes – big and small!


New elementsNew Colour ConceptNew fronts


New elements

Carcase height 81.25 cm

Planning a kitchen calls for made-to-measure designs that are tailored to the ergonomics of its users and the architecture of the room. In addition to the existing carcase heights of 75 cm and 87.5 cm, our new 81.25 cm dimension now offers even more design freedom. Available for designs with grip ledges or a combination of grip ledge and TIP-ON, this new option makes it even easier to meet individual and spatial requirements. The homogeneous appearance is retained thanks to the uniform grid on the fronts.


More information about the next125 grid system


This year, there’s a new addition to the furniture family: the ultra grey glass fronts simply ooze opulence. Painstakingly tailored to the next125 glass display unit, the surfaces beguile us with a mysterious elegance that’s emphasised by the dark colouring. If desired, the sideboard can also be finished with a vegan leather mat and a new pedestal.


More information about sideboards

Wine cooler fronts for tall cabinets

A highlight for gourmets and keen amateur sommeliers. To offer wine cooler units a home in the kitchen, next125 has come up with fronts for tall units, which harmoniously incorporate side-by-side glass-door appliances into the overall appearance. The cutout for fronts in laminate SensiQ fine matt AFP, satin and matt velvet lacquer and veneer stylishly showcases the precious items: it has never been so easy to bring the luxury of a wine cellar into the kitchen.


Alu system frame for the kitchen unit

filigree base on which it can achieve its full effect. The dark onyx black colouring emphasises the filigree character of the construction. This takes the weight off the kitchen so that it appears more minimalistic and cubic. Previously available for kitchen islands, the option with legs now offers elegance and lightness for kitchen units.


More information about island on legs

A handle with history – OceanIX Plastic

With its dark colouring and minimalistic design, this handle not only lends the kitchen a contemporary touch, but it is also an example of innovative recycling of plastic waste from the ocean. The special material OceanIX Plastic is obtained from old fishing nets, among other things, which are collected and then recycled into valuable plastic. The plastic waste is sourced in cooperation with NGOs, public authorities, collectors, ports, the maritime industry and fishermen, but also net and rope manufacturers worldwide. Our handle is therefore a small, first step on the way to a sustainable circular economy.


Pocket system – Homebar

The more kitchens open up and become the heart of the home, the more diverse the functions that it takes on. For all of these situations, the pocket system offers an ideal solution: a multi-purpose cupboard with retractable doors. Depending on your requirements, it can cover various functions: whether you need additional storage space or a fully equipped office kitchen. Now, extensive bar facilities round off the offering. With the filigree frame aluminium recess shelf, mirrored back panel and illuminated wall shelves, this cupboard transforms into an elegant home bar.


A creative makers magazine

Discover the new next125 newspaper with 42 pages full of inspiration around the kitchen, trend stories, designer talk, product news and much more.



To the newspaper

New colour concept

Colours and lacquers have always played a major role at next125. The 18 satin and matt velvet lacquer shades of next125’s new colour scheme celebrate the art of mixing and matching. Whether within a particular colour category – essential, elegant, exceptional – or between categories: the colourful design and combination options are as individual as people themselves and make kitchens the favourite place to be. With the essential colours, same-coloured grip ledge profiles, shell handles and Systemo worktops inspire contemporary, homogeneous designs that create a calm ambiance in the room.



More options for the kitchen front

New fronts

nx950 / nx960 – Ceramic front

The new bianco beige ceramic front embodies a feeling that can only be put into words on closer inspection. The warmth and softness of this new shade create a sense of harmony which contrasts with the coolness and hardness of the ceramic. With its understated elegance and the fine grain of the surface, this front fits playfully into any room without overshadowing it. The workmanship requires a great deal of dexterity: when making the top-quality frame which holds the ceramic plate, the work is finished by human hands once the machines reach their limits.


C2785 Ceramic bianco beige – Available in 6 decors

nx901 / 911 / 902 / 912 – Glass front

Glass reflects the light without swallowing it. It shimmers without being overpowering. The combination of elegance and suitability for daily use makes glass an ideal front material. As a result, next125 has expanded its range of glass fronts to include four more essential colours – seashell white, terra grey, Sahara beige and mocha brown – offering even more variety for surfaces with a matt or high gloss finish. And anyone who loves special things will be delighted with our new basalt metallic shade: its reflective effects are guaranteed to bring an extra touch of glamour into any kitchen.


G582 Glass matt basalt metallic | 9582 Shell handle in matt basalt metallic – Available in 13 colours

nx660 – Wooden front with design frame

This front combines clean lines with the natural aura of wood. The result is an inviting, Nordic-inspired front with unobtrusive aesthetics that are reminiscent of classic kitchen design. Just like a work of art, the fine, mitred frame underscores the beauty of the wood’s natural grain. Six modern surfaces in elegant natural oak leave enough scope for personal interpretation, regardless which variant you choose: from light bianco or pearl grey to dark tobacco.


F634 Elegant natural oak – Available in 6 colours

nx670 – Wooden front with vertical grooves

Modern design meets the charm of yesteryear. The characteristic vertical grooves open up a wide range of design options for tall and base units as well as wall panels. What’s more, they can also be used to create attractive highlights against the smooth fronts. Available in elegant light oak bianco and natural walnut, they look minimalistic and sophisticated and are a real pleasure to touch.


F628 Elegant light oak bianco – Available in 2 colours

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