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The kitchen has long since left the confines of its four walls and become not only a workplace but also the centre of communication in the home. In the open concept of a modern kitchen, family and friends become part of the proceedings. Food is prepared together or under the eyes of those seated at the dining table; openings leading into the living room transform functional areas into living areas. All this is possible without restricting the functionality of the kitchen. Provisions and kitchen utensils are stored cleverly and are immediately ready to hand.

table & bench

What is it that distinguishes today's kitchen? It is the centrepiece of the home, the place for communication, getting together, a room for everyone. This is the idea behind the next125 table and bench: the large table with inviting benches. Just sit down, have a chat, and stay as long as you like. No other room is as cosy as the kitchen. The next125 table and bench creates a smooth transition between kitchen and living space.


Bench natural walnut or natural knotty oak Bench dimensions: WDH approx. 200 x 42 x 45 cm WDH approx. 260 x 42 x 45 cm


Table natural knotty oak Table dimensions: WDH approx. 200 x 100 x 75 cm WDH approx. 260 x 100 x 75 cm


Table natural walnut Table dimensions: WDH approx. 200 x 100 x 75 cm WDH approx. 260 x 100 x 75 cm

next125 cube

The next125 cube system is a real niche product. It makes work in the kitchen so much easier and quicker. Everything is instantly on hand. Practical solutions. Design meets function. The influence resulting from years of  experience with professional chefs can be felt with the very first use. Kitchen roll to wipe up  the mess – right there. The vegetable knife in the knife block - right there. China bowls in various sizes and practical shelves as storage space. Even spices, wooden spoons, olive oil and fresh basil – everything is within easy reach – next125 cube brings everything you need for daily cooking right where it's needed. Even notes and recipes are no longer forgotten, because next125 cube simply takes care of everything. Black on black is the new subject. Avoiding hard contrasts and creating harmonious combinations. In order to fulfil this zeitgeist, the profiles and cubes of the recess panel system are now also available in aluminium onyx black in addition to the aluminium stainless steel version.

next125 cube in onyx black and panel garden with integrated lighting – what can be better than using fresh herbs to cook with? We have developed a solution just for this: The panel garden with integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer – this makes particular sense in darker parts of the kitchen.

next125 cube

cube_01_Kitchen rolls

Optimal access to the hidden roll even when the door is close


Space-saving: 5 stackable china cups (dishwasher proof)

cube_05_Knife block

Within reach or tidy: With 2 inserts for 3 knives each

cube_06_Rack with hooks

Always accessible nevertheless invisible: 4 hooks for kitchen tools and even more

cube_07_Multiple socket outlet

3 sockets placed where you need them: visible or hidden

cube_08_Vinegar and oil

Bottles easily accessible. Equipped with two stainless steel bottom shelves


Provides space for 3 small and 1 large porcelain cups (dishwasher proof)

cube_20_Spices shelf

Suitable: shelf in natural oak, 12 jars can also be placed in the drawer

cube_21_Bottle rack

Decorative in natural oak, suitable for 5 wine bottles

cube_30_Picture frame

One frame, 2 possibilities: Usable as a picture frame or as a memo board

cube_42_Hook rail

Kitchenware quickly at hand: Open rack with 6 hooks

cube_44_Knife block

Beautiful protection: 6 knives securely find their place

cube_45_Knife block

Up to 6 knives are magnetically attracted by the natural oak block


Practical: Suspended board with high porcelain cup (dishwasher proof)

cube_47_Storage shelf

Vinegar and oil always in view and quickly within reach

next125 Sideboards

How do you create a stylish connection between kitchen, dining room and living room? Our answer: the multifunctional next125 sideboards. Thanks to their clean design, they appear almost to float, and at the same time the constructive substructure underlines the cubic architecture. Clear, pure, aesthetic and yet featuring many loving details. For example the lowered tray as a tableau, the push-in shelf or the open shelf base unit with pull-outs. Of course, our sideboards are also available with a fully closed front – offered in 3 heights and 4 widths. A choice of satin lacquer, matt velvet lacquer, laminate Fenix and veneer finishes is available.

next125 Support panel
open shelf units

The opening to the living room flows thanks to the use of support panel open shelf units. There are almost no limits to what can be done with the design. At certain heights, the shelf areas adapt to any tall unit, which achieves a uniformity that signals professionality. The use of support panel open shelf units opens up a wealth of options, providing easy access to the most frequently used cooking utensils, the integration of a complete library or simply as a decorative feature.

Frame Rack aluminium
open shelf unit system

Fine lines and exciting industrial-style structures give the FRAME RACK its consciously minimalist radiance. In addition, the universal application potential: whether wall mounted, floorstanding, integrated into the island or suspended from the ceiling shelf solution. The sophisticated FRAME RACK system made of aluminium always shows itself in a functional and at the same time attractive form. Perfectly designed for individual kitchen planning, the FRAME RACK is available in the profile versions aluminium stainless steel coloured and Aluminium onyx black.

Flexible in colour, material and form

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